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    Where to stay in Morocco in 2023 | Accommodation in Morocco

    When you plan to visit this incredible Kingdome and there stunning places, a common question often you have is “where should I stay in Morocco”? Morocco is recognized for its attractive coastlines along the Mediterranean as well as Atlantic Ocean coastlines, typical style with interior gardens called riads, and also the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fez, as well as Marrakesh. It’s also an excellent destination for walkers as well as hikers and trekkers because the Atlas Mountains provide outdoor lovers the opportunity to get in touch with nature in special ways.


    Then, whatever your way to travel you’ll require someplace to relax at the end of the day, there is a bunch of kind of accommodation in Morocco, from desert camps to Riads via luxury hotels…

    Camping in Morocco

    Comping in Morocco
    Comping in Morocco

    You can camp anywhere in Morocco if you have permission from the site’s owner, and there are also many official camp sites. Most of the bigger cities have camp sites, often well out of town and is the best place where to stay in Morocco for travelers with their own transport. Some are worth the extra effort to get to, but many offer little shade and are hardly worth the price. Most have water, electricity and, in summer, a small restaurant and grocery store. At official sites you’ll pay around Dh15 per person, plus 20 MAD to pitch a tent; there are extra charges for vehicles. Electricity generally costs another 15 MAD and a hot shower is about 10 MAD.

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    Hotels in Morocco

    Basic budget hotels

    Basic budget hotels in Morocco
    Basic budget hotels in Morocco

    You’ll find cheap, unclassified hotels (that don’t have a star rating) clustered in certain parts of the Medinas of the bigger cities. Some of these places are bright and spotless, others haven’t seen a mop for years and it isn’t the decent place where to stay in Morocco. Basic singles/doubles cost from 50/90 MAD and showers are often cold. Don’t get too excited by claims of hot water, as this sometimes amounts to little more than a tepid trickle. Occasionally there is an excellent gas heated shower, which costs around 10 MAD. Where there is no hot water at all. hotel staff can point you in the direction of o local public shower (douche) or Moroccan Hammam.


    For a little more, you can often find better! Unclassified or one-star hotels outside the Medinas. Identically priced rooms often vary wildly so try to get a look at a few rooms (a good way to do this is in the morning when all doors are opened as rooms are cleaned). A single room sometimes means a single bed in a smaller room but is often just a double room at a discounted price. Double rooms often consist of a double bed and a single bed, which is good if you have small children.

    Many cheap hotels in the south offer a mattress on the roof terrace for around 20 MAD. Many places also have traditional Moroccan salons, lined with banks of seats and cushions, where budget travelers can sleep for a similar price.

    Place to stay in Morocco, Mid-range hotels

    In two-star hotels, rooms with showers start at around 130/250 MAD for singles/doubles; rooms in tree-star hotels start at around 200/380 MAD. Room and meal rates are generally posted on the back of the hotel room door.


    Prices can include breakfast, which is hardly ever a good deal, coffee and a croissant cost just 7 MAD to 10 MAD in a café. Some hotels in more isolated regions offer halfboard (demi-pension) options, which means breakfast and dinner included. These are often only a little more than the cost of the room and can be a good deal.

    Best luxury hotels in morocco

    Hotel in Rabat Morocco
    hotel farah Rabat

    Luxury hotels are more than likely to be located in a Ville Nouvelle “downtown”. They are enabled, no matter star-rating, to establish their very own costs, and also to differ them according to season as well as demand. Prices must be on their website or in the screen at hotel reception.
    In Imperial and largest Moroccan cities, luxury and 5 stars Hotels, are very elegant, professional service, stylish and expensive! Like the luxury hotel in casablanca four seasons, the luxury hotel in Marrakech Hôtel la Mamounia, Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace whether in a historical renoved palace or in moderne structure with a superb swimming pool and more activities.

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    Kasbahs & Riads

    Best adventures in Morocco, Kasbah Amridil in Skoura
    Kasbah Amridil in Skoura

    Morocco has an excellent choice of luxurious and interesting mid-range and top-end accommodation. Kasbah hotels are found throughout the major tourist centers of the south. Rooms in Kasbahs tend to be small and dark, due to the nature of the building, but are lovely and cool in summer. At the end of the day you are really paying for the atmosphere of the Kasbah rather than the room itself.


    The popularity of converted Riads (lavish Moroccan town houses) has surged in recent years and you can find fine examples in Marrakesh, Fez and Rabat. They are generally far more exotic, cozy and romantic than the bog standard four or five-star hotels, though room rates are much the same, and Riads are always the best place where to stay in Morocco. Try to book in advance (most only have a handful of rooms), and arrange to be met outside the medina as you’d never find the bulk of these Riads on your own. The best ones are: Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux and Karawan Riad in Fez, Royal Mansour Marrakech and la sultana in Marrakech.

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    A similar concept is the maison d’hôte, which ranges from little more than a spare room in someone’s house or villa to opulent converted mansions.

    Camping in the Sahara desert, Morocco

    Where to stay in Morocco, luxury desert camp merzouga
    luxury desert camp

    A journey to Morocco would certainly not be memorable without a visit to the Sahara Desert. To get to the desert camp you have to ride camels through golden sand dunes which is the best adventure to have in Morocco! Spend an unforgettable evening and watching the stars of Sahara sky, you will have traditional Berber dinner around the campfire, camping in a typical Berber outdoor tent and seeing the sunlight rise over the hilly dune.
    Camping in the Sahara desert of Morocco Located in the peaceful and picturesque sand dunes of Erg Chebbi “Merzouga” and Zagora. It is the excellent vacation for honeymooners, individuals and small groups looking for uncompromising personal privacy, silence as well as solitude.

    Some addresses:

    Sirocco luxury camp, Luxury camp chebbi, Orient desert camp…


    Where to stay in Morocco? Appatement for rent
    Appartement for rent

    If you’re travelling in a small group or as a family, it’s worth considering self-catering options, particularly in low season, when prices can drop substantially. Agadir, Asilah and the bigger tourist centers along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts have a fair number of apartments! And this is the best way where to stay in morocco if you are looking for self-catering facilities.


    Fez, Marrakech, Tangier, Tetouan, Casablanca, Rabat… have several excellent houses to rent.

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    Village Accommodation

    Where to stay in Morocco? Talouine Village
    Talouine Village

    If you are trekking in the High Atlas or travelling off the beaten track elsewhere, you may be offered accommodation in village homes. Many won’t have running water or electricity, but you’ll generally find them to be a great deal more comfortable than basic hotels (and even mid-range and top-end hotels when it comes to warmth and hospitality). You should be prepared to pay what you would in an unclassified hotel or mountain refuge.


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    Gîtes d’étape are local homes, often belonging to mountain guides, which offer accommodation (often just a mattress on the floor) around popular trekking routes in the Atlas. They have basic bathrooms and sometimes hot showers. They’re an excellent way where to stay in Morocco and to get off the beaten track and experience rural life, though the quality varies wildly.


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