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    10 Best Things To Do In Merzouga, Morocco | Full Travel Guide

    If you’re looking for an amazing place to visit in Morocco, then Merzouga is definitely worth checking out. This city is located at the edge of the Sahara desert, so it has some stunning views. There are also plenty things to do in Merzouga Morocco, such as camel riding, hiking, and even swimming in the oasis.


    Merzouga has been described by Lonely Planet as “the most spectacularly town in North Africa.” Located near the border between Algeria and Morocco, this small city is surrounded by sand dunes. These dunes are known as the Erg Chebbi, and they stretch for miles. They are home to the Berber people who live there, and they make up the majority of the population.

    Here’s what you need to know before you go to Marzouga.

    If you plan to travel to Merzouga, you’ll find yourself in an area where the climate is very hot during summer months (June through September) and cold during winter months (December through February). You should bring clothing appropriate for both seasons.

    Things to do in Merzouga, Morocco

    Things to do in Merzouga, Morocco

    1. Visit Morocco National 4×4 auto museum

    Located in the desert town of Merzouga, the Morocco National 4×4 auto museum is a small collection of off-road vehicles. It’s located on the outskirts of the Sahara Desert, near the border between Algeria and Morocco. The museum is home to around 30 vehicles, most of which were donated by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who owns the largest private automobile collection in the world. The museum is open daily except Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There’s very little information available online about the museum, so if you want to visit, you’re going to need to go through someone who knows where it is.

    2. Spend a night in luxury desert camp “The Kasbah Erg Chebbi in Merzouga.

    Luxury desert camp in Merzouga Morocco

    The Kasbah Erg Chebbi has been described as a ‘luxury desert camp’. It offers a once-in-a lifetime experience. Located in the Sahara Desert, near the town of Merzouga surrounded by sand dunes. The tents are arranged around a central courtyard where guests can spend a night under the stars, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Each tent is decorated with Moroccan motifs and furnished with a bed, a table and chairs, a fireplace, a bathroom, and a terrace overlooking the dunes. Guests are welcomed by friendly staff who will help them settle in before being treated to a welcome dinner, They are known for their hospitality and love of life.


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    3. Day trip in the desert is the best things to do in Merzouga.

    You’re going on a desert safari in Morocco. It’s a great way to see the country and learn about its people. You’ll spend your first night in a Berber tent, which is like a small house made out of canvas. You’ll sleep under the stars and wake up to the sound of birdsong. After breakfast, you’ll go to the nearby town of Erg Chebbi where you’ll meet a Berber family who live in a tent. They’ll show you around their home and share some of their favourite dishes. Then you’ll head off to Khamlia village where you’ll join locals for a traditional Moroccan meal. Take camel trekking tour through the Sahara Desert. You’ll spend your time exploring the dunes and sand seas of the Sahara, Finally, you’ll return to Erg Chebbi and take part in a traditional folkloric performance.

    4. Camel Trekking

    Camel ride in Merzouga

    The Merzouga Desert in Morocco is known for its sand dunes and oases. The area is home to many species of wildlife, including wild horses, gazelles, jackals, hyenas, foxes, wolves, and birds. There are also many archaeological sites in the area, including ancient Roman ruins.


    Camel trekking is a great things to do in Merzouga and the best way to experience the Sahara Desert. It’s not just about seeing the dunes and sand; it’s about experiencing the culture and lifestyle of the nomadic people who live there. There are several companies offering camel treks in Merzouga Morocco. Some offer packages where you can stay overnight in tents while others offer day trips.

    It is possible to go on a camel trek in Merzouga for around $50 per person. This includes accommodation, meals, guides, transportation and entry fees.

    The Merzouga Desert Trek is a great way to see Morocco’s stunning landscape and culture. It takes place in the Sahara Desert, where temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius during the day and drop below freezing at night. You will spend the night in tents and enjoy a delicious meal cooked over a campfire.

    5. Sandboarding in Merzouga.

    Sand boarding, best things to do in Merzouga Morocco

    The dunes of Erg Chebbi are located in the Sahara desert in Morocco. They are formed by wind erosion and are some of the highest sand dunes in the world. There are several ways to enjoy these dunes, including hiking, camel riding, horseback riding, and even sand boarding. Sand boarding is a new sport that combines the thrill of snowboarding with the beauty of the Sahara desert. It involves walking up a steep slope of loose sand, while holding onto a rope attached to your board. Once you reach the top, you will slide down the dune.


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    6. Take a walking trek of the Merzouga desert.

    If you have a day to spare, it is always worth to go on a walk on the desert. It’s an amazing Adventure in Morocco. It is not necessary to tell you that going on a walk in the desert is very risky, but if you will be doing it with an experienced guide who knows the route through the shifting sands, you can also have the adventure of your lives.

    Then you will go to the camp just next to the Erg Chebbi, where after getting set, you can see the sunset to the east in a spectacular landscape. The evening is cold so you can have dinner and spend the night cozied up in a desert tent. The next morning you will head up the Dune for the Sunrise before having breakfast. In the end after some beautiful pictures to enjoy, you will walk back to the starting point.

    7. Sleep in a desert tent

    Auberge Kasbah erg chebbi Kasbah comping merzouga

    The tents are located right next to the sand dunes where you can enjoy the view of the sunset and sunrise over the Sahara Desert. You can choose between two types of tents – the standard tent which comes with a mattress and pillow, and the luxury tent which includes a double bed, pillows, blankets, duvet cover, a reading lamp, showers, toilets and washbasins. Belive me spend a night in desert camp is the stunning things to in Merzouga.

    8. Savor the local dishes

    Traditional Moroccan food in Merzouga

    The best place to sample Moroccan cuisine is in the desert town of Merzouga. It’s not just because of the beautiful scenery, but also because of the delicious dishes on offer. There are plenty of places to choose from, so you should find something that suits your taste buds. Some of the most famous dishes include Salade, couscous, and tajine.


    9. Visit Khemliya to explore Gnaoua music

    The Khemliya are a nomadic tribe living in the Sahara desert. Their traditional lifestyle revolves around herding camels and goats. However, they are now increasingly involved in tourism and are well known for Their culture, music, dance and musical instruments.

    The word Khemliya comes from the Arabic language and refers to the Sahara desert. It is a term used by the nomadic lifestyle of the Tuareg people who live in the Sahara desert. The word gnaoua is derived from the Berber language and means “to play” or “to sing”. This is the reason why the word Khemliya is often translated as “the singing sands”.

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    10. Take 4×4 excursion In Merzouga

    4x4 excursion in Merzouga

    Merzouga is surrounded by quaint villages and great scenery. You can discover it with the help of 4x4s. The 4×4 excursion is the best things to do in Merzouga and can starts early in the morning when you leave your hotel in Merzouga and head towards the desert and Go through the desert dunes spotted with black volcanic rocks that get you to a few villages. Stop over at Khamlia Village to see and taste the local mint tea.


    Driver take you through the Sahara Desert until you reach the town of Erg Chebbi. Here, you visit the ruins of the ancient city of Sijilmassa. After spending some time here, you continue on your way to Rissani. In Rissani, you have lunch before heading back to Merzouga.

    Best Luxury desert camp in Merzouga Morocco

    Luxury desert camp in Merzouga

    Best Luxury Camp

    Best Luxury Camp is located in the heart of the Sahara Desert in Merzouga, Morocco. Guests can choose between staying in traditional Moroccan Berber tent accommodations or in a luxury villa. Both options include a private bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi, satellite TV, and a fully equipped kitchenette, Breakfast is served every morning in the dining room. Guests can enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, horse riding, camel rides, and sandboarding.

    Saharian Luxury Camp

    Saharian Luxury Camp is located in the heart of the Sahara desert, just 3 km from the famous town of Merzouga. The campsite is set on a hill overlooking the dunes and the Atlas Mountains. It offers guests a variety of activities including hiking, horse riding, quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides and much more.

    Desert Luxury Camp

    The desert luxury camp offers a range of accommodation options, including tents, yurts and cabins. Each tent comes with a private bathroom, a fridge and a gas stove. You can choose between a double bed or twin beds. There is also a communal area where you can relax and enjoy the views.


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    How to get to Merzouga

    How to get to Merzouga from Marrakech

    The desert tours from Marrakech to Merzouga passes through some of Morocco’s most spectacular scenery. It starts out on the edge of the High Atlas Mountains, which rise up from the plains of southern Morocco. The road winds along the side of the mountain range before descending down to the Sahara Desert.

    There are many places to stop and take pictures along the way. You will see beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains, Hollywood city of Ouarzazate, Thousand and one Kasbah, Boumalne du Dades, Tinerhir, Erfoud, Rissani, and then reach the Sahara Desert of Merzouga.

    There are many departures by Bus from Marrakech, CTM and Supratours run direct buses from Marrakech to Merzouga.


    Also, there are many trusted transfer companies that provide private tours in Morocco.

    How to get from Fes to Merzouga

    In the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains lies a diverse landscape of valleys, forests, rivers and foothills. There are also important highways lined with dogs and fields full of sheep. you’ll show you some beautiful places during the 9-hour drive from Fes to Merzouga pass via Ifean, Midelt, Er-rachidia, Zayda, Arfoud, Errissani.

    There are many departures by Bus from Fes to Merzouga, CTM and Supratours run direct buses from Fez to Merzouga.


    I hope this Morocco travel guide was interesting and helpful


    Of course, there are many other interesting Things to do in Merzouga.

    Do you have a favorite place in Merzouga, or have you been to one of the places presented in this Post ?

    we will be happy to share with us your adventure and experience in Merzouga and Morocco in the comment below…


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