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    The blue city of Morocco “Chefchaouen” | Top guide for visiting this blue town in 2024

    Chefchaouen “Chaouen” is an ideal spot to go on short trip in Morocco. Change of scenery and take shots and post them in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest like influencers and bloggers. As The blue city of Morocco is far from the major cities and big touristic sites; I wouldn’t really suggest it for shopping! However I suggest this blue town in Morocco after a busy tour in Marrakech and Fez. Generally it’s only an ideal blue village to relax.


    Where is Chefchaouen located?

    The road to this blue city of Morocco climbs, twisting and turning, into the Rif Mountains. You turn a corner, and suddenly there it is, clinging to the mountainside, with rocky peaks and precipitous valleys all around. Chaouen in Morocco, meaning ‘the horns’, owes its name to the twin peaks between which it seems to hang. We also call it blue pearl or blue town in morocco by reason of its wall streets are a mixture of blue and white color.

    Chefchaoen, Blue town in Morocco
    Chefchaoen, Blue town in Morocco

    Brief history about the blue city of Morocco 

    Like Tetouan, blue town in Morocco was built by 15th century muslim refugees from Andalusia. It was established as fortress for the faith, capable of resisting any assault from nearby Portuguese redoubts. However, until the Spanish arrived in 1920 and seized Chefchaouen and other Morocco cities to be part of Spanish Morocco. This remote mountain fastness had remained closed  to the world for centuries. Only three Europeans had ever succeeded in reaching it.

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    Why is Chefchaouen blue?

    You cannot visit Morocco without going to Chefchaouen. Its Berber name, “Chaouen” was allocated by its first occupants. The blue city of Morocco hosted the Muslim refugees following the fall of Granada. With more of fifteen mosques and fortress, this blue town is permeated with a climate of profound peacefulness and tranquility in Morocco. Because white is symbol of the peace, and blue is symbol of the sea! The new inhabitants built their houses blue and white with small doors leading onto Andalusian style patios.


    The blue village in Morocco fascinate likewise originates from its narrow streets where you won’t only wander but you will find yourself. It is pleasant to crisscross the labyrinth of blue streets of chefchaouen, and take a hot mint tea in Place Outa el Hammam to enjoy some street artists’ songs.

    blue village in Morocco, Chefchaouen
    blue village in Morocco, Chefchaouen

    Chefchaouen Morocco weather

    Normal temperatures in blue city of Morocco shift extraordinarily. Thinking about moistness, temperatures feel extremely decent a great part of the year. However, sweltering in the mid year and cold in the winter with a low shot of precipitation the majority of the year. In case you’re searching for the hottest time to visit Chefchaouen blue town in Morocco, the most sultry months are August, July, June, and afterward May; by the way this is the best time to visit Morocco. The hottest season is commonly right on time to mid August where highs are routinely around 96.9°F (36.1°C)! With temperatures once in a while dipping under 67.6°F (19.8°C) during the evening.

    Wind in this Morocco blue town is generally quiet. The windiest month is May, trailed by June and April.

    On the off chance that dry climate is the thing you’re pursuing; the months with the most minimal possibility of huge precipitation in Chefchaouen are August, July, and afterward June.


    Things to do in Chefchaouen The blue city of Morocco

    Get Lost In The Chefchaouen medina and blue streets

    The main attraction for tourists is the charming Chefchaouen medina. Is planted in the heart of Rif mountains and its labyrinth of narrow streets, with blue painted walls, at a moment we think we are at Santorini “Greece”! Give to this blue village in Morocco an amazing change of scenery and a soul of peace and love.

    Red tile roof and Moorish arches recall Chaouen’s Spanish heritage in Morocco. The main square in the Chefchaouen medina is Place Outa el Hammam, lined with tiny shops and cafés. On one side is the centuries old Kasbah, recently restored, and housing a little museum. Then the blue city of Morocco has colourful gardens, planted with palm trees and flowers, are a haven of tranquility. A 3 Km (2 mile) walk up stream from blue town leads to the waterfall of Ras el Ma, a lovely picnic spot. The water arrives from the peaks of the Rif mountains offers a reviving area.

    Ras el MA Blue city in Morocco
    Ras el MA Blue city in Morocco

    Hike To The Spanish Mosque

    There’s a Mosque created by the Spanish in the 1920’s roosted on a peak sitting above the blue city of Morocco. to reach it you have to hike this hill and pass by prickly plants and cacti. In this site you can enjoy astonishing views of this blue town in Morocco.

    Since the mosque is somewhat became a touristic site, non-muslims are permitted to regard inside and get a general idea. Make a point to take a water bottle, however on a sunny day you will be thirsty there.


    The duration of this hike is about 30 to 45 minutes single direction.

    Ecotourism and excursions around the blue city of Morocco  

    The blue town in Morocco is the best city to visit in Morocco, where nature is conserved in its purity, to find on this blue pearl of Morocco. Mountain explorers will be allowed to fans to appreciate new scenes with pinnacles ascending to very nearly 2000 meters. Walks can be arranged on site with bivouacs along the mountains of the region.

    The country around The blue city of Morocco provides excellent hiking! Steep green foothills covered with fields and orchards and small, white, tin-roofed houses surround the town; with rocky mountains rising steeply behind.

    As well as hiking, Chefchaouen is known by several activities in morocco like mountain biking, Kayak and trekking. In the core of the mountain we discover the Talassemtane national park, the just one in Africa. For beach lovers They are some of the most beautiful and best Mediterranean beaches at 60 kilometers from this blue village in Morocco.


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    Akchour waterfalls of gods in Morocco

    You can likewise visit Akchour a waterfalls of gods in Morocco! A spot where the tranquil climate meddles with the songs created by the cascades.

    Akchour waterfalls is a trail that trains a couple of cascades in the Rif Mountains. You have to take a taxi from Chefchaouen, or drive your own car to get to the beginning of the trail, and good shoes for this climb to the waterfalls.

    The trail is loaded with lavish green vegetation, a fascinating regular stone extension called “God’s Bridge”! And a wonderful swimming opening with a cascade as your reward toward the end.

    Where to eat appetizing Moroccan Food in blue city of Morocco?

    One of the top pattern anybody should go to Kingdom of Morocco is the astounding Moroccon cuisine! And you can discover and taste traditional Moroccan foods in the Blue City of Morocco; like Couscous, Tagine, bastila, chicken… there are many restaurants in Chaouen that provide good meals, like restaurant Bab El Sor in the medina; personally I stay here when I visit Chefchaouen.


    Orange juice is famous in Chefchaouen and Morocco, it is superb refreshing and enjoyabled. you can take and drink a glass of orange juice from street vendor just for 5 MAD wich is 0.5 $ but believe me is irresistible.

    If you want to take a cup of coffee or Hot mint tea, the pleasant place is Place Outa el Hammam. Where you can find traditional cafe with terrace.

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    Where To Stay In the blue city of Morocco?

    There are different way where To Stay in Morocco and blue town, however there are Hotels, Riads, apartments, shared houses… I suggest to take a Riad to enjoy Moroccan traditional townhouse with decent service.

    Riad in Chefchaouen
    Riad in Chefchaouen

    There are lot of Riads in Chefchaouen and I suggest to book one located in the medina near Place Outa el Hammam! And here are my recommendations:  Dar Dadicilef Hostel, Chez Hicham, Riad Assilah Chaouen.


    How to get to Chefchaouen

    The least expensive approach to get to Chefchaouen is by public transport. There are numerous transports every day from urban areas like Fez, Tetouan, Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier in Morocco. The principle and trusted Moroccan transport Company for foreign travelers is CTM and more you can buy your ticket online.

    If you have enough money and you want to benefit a private tour, you have to book a tour with a transfer company.

    From Tangier to Chefchaouen :

    One of the most memorable excursions you can make from Tangier is to Chefchaouen “blue village” in Morocco, 120Km (75 miles) away, high in the Rif Mountains. There are 2 departures From Tangier to Chefchaouen by CTM, which is 00:15pm and 08:15pm (2h30 away) the ticket price is 50 MAD/ 5$.


    On the way, a short detour leads to Tetouan, some 60Km (38 miles) south of Tangier, strikingly situated on a steep hillside. The town was a major settlement area for Moorish exiles from late 15th-century spain, expelled after the Christian Reconquest! And later became the capital of Spanish Morocco during the protectorate; it retains a distinctly Spanish flavor even to this day. Tetouanis proudly call their city ‘the daughter of Granada’.

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    From Fes to Chefchaouen :

    Blue city of Morocco is around 3:30 H (211Km) away from Fes. And this visit will give you 4 hours and Plus of leisure time to explore Chefchaouen; if you won’t plan to stay here for one or two days.

    There are 6 departures From Fes to Chefchaouen by CTM (08:00 am, 11:00 am, 00:00 pm, 02:00 pm, 04:15 pm, 11:45 pm) and the ticket price is 75 MAD/ 7.5$.


    From Marrakech to Chefchaouen :

    The safe and good way to go from Marrakech to Chefchaouen in Morocco is by train “ONCF”, and high speed train (al boraq) but you have to go through Tangier. From Marrakech to Tangier is around 570 Km and 06 to 08 hours away, it depends if you will take high speed train (al boraq) from Casablanca to Tangier or no. The ticket price online for the train from Marrakech to Tangier is between (304 and 338 MAD)/(30$ and 34$) in the second class, (355 and 449 MAD)/(35$ and 45$) in the first class. And once you are in Tangier you can continue from Tangier to Chefchaouen via CTM.


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    From Casablanca to Chefchaouen :

    The good and direct way to go from Casablanca to Chefchaouen “blue town” in Morocco is By CTM.  Is around 340 Km and 7 hours away by bus. Second way to go from Casablanca to Chefchaouen is by high speed train (al boraq) to Tangier, and then you will take CTM or Taxi to Chefchaouen.

    You need more information or suggestion about your travel to Chefchaouen? Have you visited this bleu town of Morocco? You want more tips for your visit to Chaouen and Morocco travel? Please feel free to drop me a message in the comments below!


    FAQ About Best Things to Do in Chefchaouen Morocco

    What makes Chefchaouen in Morocco a popular tourist destination?

    Chefchaouen the blue city of Morocco, nestled in the Rif Mountains, is renowned for its striking blue-washed buildings, creating a unique and picturesque atmosphere. This charming town has become a popular tourist destination for those seeking a tranquil escape amidst vibrant blue streets and a blend of cultural influences.

    How can I reach Chefchaouen, and what transportation options are available?

    Chefchaouen is accessible by various means. Visitors can take a bus from major cities like Fes or Tangier, hire a private taxi, or opt for a rental car. The journey itself offers scenic views, allowing travelers to enjoy the beauty of the Moroccan landscapes on their way to Chefchaouen.

    What are the must-visit attractions in Chefchaouen?

    Chefchaouen boasts several must-visit attractions. Explore the vibrant Medina with its blue-painted streets, visit the Kasbah Museum to learn about the town’s history, and hike to the scenic Spanish Mosque for panoramic views. Additionally, the Ras El Ma waterfall and the local markets offer authentic experiences for visitors.

    What is the significance of the blue color in Chefchaouen’s architecture?

    The blue color in Chefchaouen’s architecture holds cultural and historical significance. It is said to represent the sky and heaven, creating a calming and spiritual atmosphere. The tradition of painting buildings blue is believed to have originated from Jewish teachings, symbolizing a connection with the divine and fostering a sense of tranquility within the community.

    Are there specific cultural etiquettes or customs visitors should be aware of in Chefchaouen?

    While visiting Chefchaouen, it’s important to respect local customs and traditions. Modest clothing is appreciated, especially when exploring religious sites. When taking photographs, seeking permission from locals is courteous. Engaging in the local markets and savoring traditional Moroccan cuisine is encouraged to fully immerse oneself in the rich cultural tapestry of Chefchaouen.


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