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    Best riads in Tangier, Morocco “guest houses” | where to stay in Tangier

    Morocco is an amazing destination in the world, and the city of Tangier is the best place to relax in Morocco after a great experience in imperial cities or desert tour! To stay safely here are the best Riads in Tangier Morocco “guest house”, chosen by Morocco Travel Way! 


    Busily trading since the Phoenicians, this seaboard has been a meeting point for merchants and marauders, pirates and power-seekers from far and wide who have left historic cities, architecture and rich craftsmanship. Its rare pearls jealously protected by heavy ramparts. The city of Tangier is the best place to stay in Morocco after an amazing experience in imperial cities like, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat… it is variously interesting and the delightful hinterland, with some simple, authentic Riads & Guest houses in Tangier, must not be neglected.

    Dar Sultan, Tangier

    Built in the 18th century on the ruins of the old kasbah (burnt down by th English) and a still-springing spring, this old dar is a bright, amusing gem. Maitó passionate about her new life and ladling as much love on her guests as on her house, couldn’t be more welcoming. There are flowers everywhere and oceans of candles on your dinner table; it always feels like a feast day here and make this place, the best Riad in Tangier and Morocco. The small bejmat patio flutters with ferns and potted palms, zellige highlights the natural background (22,000 tiles were cut), the house climbs up, up to the fourth floor. One room is slathered in stucco, stencilling and musical instruments (a G’naoua brotherhood once lodged here)! Another is a jackdaw’s nest of colorful things and an amazing Turkish lamp, the terrace room has a staggering view across to Gibraltar; rent this high delight and the terrace is yours to enjoy. Bathrooms are small and pretty and may have Balinese camels or Tahitian shells on show; the tiny reading corner includes all the coffee-table classics on Morocco: come here to prepare your whole trip. The Durands are involved in Kasbah conservation.

    • Rooms  6: 2 doubles, 2 twins, 2 suites.

    • Price  800 MAD-1000 MAD, including airport transfers & parking.


    • Meals  Lunch, 3 courses, 200 MAD. By arrangement.

    • Closed  Never.

    • Directions From Place du Grand Socco take Rue d’Italie to ‘La Porte de la Kasbah! Ring for escort from here; guests can also be met off boat.

    La Tangerina, Riad “Guest House” in Tangier

    Owners took three years to accomplish this meticulously crafted conversion, done with materials salvaged from other period buildings, and create Tangier’s newest kasbah guest house ‘Riad’. The roof terrace, its absolute crowning glory, has indescribable views across the straits to Spain: what a place to chill out and watch the sun set after a pampering in the Moroccan hammam. Owner, who is German, has very high standards and finishes are impeccable (the tadelakt in the bathrooms is luscious), yet he is the easiest, most affable company. That original oriental hammam is what prompted them to buy this particular house. Three of the bedrooms have that straits view, all are done in soft colors and a style that is more colonial than Moroccan, reminders of Tangier’s rich history, with an Arab, English or French… theme. They share a special love of breakfast so look forward to something special each morning.

    • Rooms  10: 5 doubles, 2 twins, 3 suites.

    • Price   700 MAD -2000 MAD.

    • Meals By arrangement only.

    • Closed   Never.

    • Directions  From port uphill to main entrance of Kasbah then call La Tangerina for escort. Car access directions on request.

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    Dar Nour

    After taking a guided mystery tour ever deeper and higher into the medina, you will be glad to find this best Riad in Tangier and Morocco, civilized and hospitable house at the end of it. Not only is it beautiful, it is unusual, perfectly positioned and serves memorable breakfasts. Pure Tangier white outside, the ‘house of light’ is utterly personal inside. Owner adopted Morocco decades ago, takes the famous Colonnes bookshop here and rubbed shoulders with the literary lights. His house exudes the energy of rich culture: books galore, a desk in every room, eye-catching pictures and sculpture, antiques and hangings against white walls, yet nothing overdone. Rooms are as vertical as the house with level changes, the odd duplex, a bed squeezed into a corner, those rather unforgiving pillows, two staircases, two restful windowless womb-like salons and two kitchens. Then you climb to the flowering terraces to contemplate the evening light over the panorama and dine on superb food. Everything here is seeking the light – you may join in.

    • Rooms  7:2 doubles, 1 single, 4 suites.

    • Price  300 MAD – 1,100 MAD.

    • Meals Dinner 150 MAD.  By arrangement.

    • Closed  Never.

    • Directions From Kasbah car park 1st right to fountain on little square, immediately right 30m, lime green door.

    Nord-Pinus the best riad in Tangier, Morocco

    All the magic of Tangier in Morocco, the undying, dreamed city that fascinates travellers. This 18th-century pasha’s palace is now a sumptuous and chic little inn thanks to the talented Anne ‘gou which mixes styles and years. Leather from Cordoue, cedar and sea scent, old fabrics and Indian silk, bronze beds, marble and zellige with some contemporary armchairs for a comfort and a refinement unusual. Four suites and rooms only for this enigmatic and initiatory journey, it is not a hotel but a mansion that welcomes you. And what to say about the terraces opening onto the lights of the city and the haven, the museum’s garden and the Straith of Gibraltar. Birds are within reach.

    • 5 Rooms from 3.700 to 4.300 MAD.
    • Half board, transfert to airport included.

    Riad Tanja

    Formerly known as “the Mansion of the Poet”, Riad Tanja overlooks the labyrinth of lilliputian streets meandering along the city and the gulf of the Mediterranean; offering majestic views over the city and the sea, superb at night. This best riad in Tangier, Morocco welcomes you in a calm and enchanting environment, soothed by birdsongs on the terrace and the murmur of the patio fountain. The echo still resounds in the six Andalousian rooms and suites named after famous artists as Delacroix, Saint-Saëns or Matisse who fell in love with the “White City”. At Riad Tanja, you will also be introduced to the marvellous Moroccan cuisine of the well-known Chef Moha of Marrakesh, an inventive and colorful cuisine with innumerable flavours.

    • 1 Room at 800 MAD.
    • 4 Deluxe Rooms at 1.000 MAD.
    • 1 Junior Suite at 1.500 MAD.
    • 10% off for single occupation
    • Plus 10 % for triple occupation
    • Breakfast included


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    1. Bonjour,

      Je voulais juste clarifier le lieu de la photo que vous avez mise dans votre blog ! Je suis le propriétaire de la photo du Riyad, la photo est prise au Riyad Salem à Fès, pas à Tanger.

      Merci de bien être vigilant sur vos informations que vous mettez en place.


      • Merci beaucoup Abdelmoughit LAHBABI pour vos information, et je vous félicite de votre riche galerie sur Pexels, pour la photos c’est une simple ulistration d’un Riad pour rapprocher les lecteurs de l’architecture des Riads, et c’est pas dédié à un Riad quelconque…
        Merci beaucoup une autre fois Abdelmoughit.


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