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    7 Days Morocco Itinerary From Marrakech to Fez | Travel Guide

    Embark on an epic 7 days Morocco itinerary that begins from your Marrakech hotel to Fez but leads you deep into the sprawling Sahara desert, unwraps hidden villages and guides you through the untamed wilderness of the grand Moroccan desert. Get ready to scale towering mountain passes, feast your eyes on resplendent Kasbahs, and experience an unforgettable Camel journey in Merzouga, navigating across the Erg Chebbi Dunes. A night under the wide open Bedouin skies, a star-studded canopy above, immerses you in the true desert experience. The grand finale – the enchanting city of Fez.


    7 Days Morocco Itinerary Tour Marrakech To Fez Highlights:

    • Delighting in the rich history of Marrakech, one of Morocco’s great imperial cities.
    • Riding high through the lofty Atlas Mountains and Tizin Tichka.
    • Discovering the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kasbah Ait ben Haddou.
    • Traversing through Ouarzazate, home to famous Kasbah and studios.
    • Camel escapades in Sahara Erg Chebbi dunes.
    • Ascending to the Dades Valley canyons.
    • Wander in the Todra Gorges and Oasis
    • Overnight desert stay in Merzouga, under a blanket of stars.
    • Touring onward to Fez, journeying through the Ziz valley and Middle Atlas Mountains, lauding the cedar forests en route.
    • Unraveling UNESCO World Heritage Sites within the ancient city of Fez

    Mapping out the 7 days Morocco Itinerary From Marrakech to Fes

    Day One: The Wonders of Marrakech

    Sink into the vibrant culture of Marrakech, one of Morocco’s four imperial cities. Lose yourself in the lively Jemaa el Fna, a bustling square famous for varied entertainers – musicians, snake charmers, and fakirs, bombarding you with a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and unique aromas.

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    Day Two: Highs and Lows – Marrakech to Dades Gorges

    Grab your shades and hit the gas because we’re diving into a desert adventure that’s more exciting than a camel dance-off! Picture this – cruising from your hotel in Marrakech, where the chaos of the medina transforms into the calm of the open road.


    Pit Stop at Kasbah Aït Ben Haddou: Prepare for a burstiness bonanza as you wander through this ancient fortified city – it’s like stepping onto a movie set where history and Hollywood collide. Feeling like a star? Well, buckle up, because Ouarzazate is next, aka the Hollywood of Morocco.

    Ouarzazate Oasis: Ouarzazate isn’t just a city; it’s an oasis of surprises. Predictability? Not in this Hollywood desert. You might stumble upon a 5-star hotel oasis where luxury meets the dunes.

    Dades Gorges: Finally, the pièce de résistance – Dades Gorges. The road here is like a serpentine dance, taking you through stunning landscapes that’ll have your burstiness radar on high alert. Whether you’re into rock climbing or just soaking in the breathtaking views, Dades Gorges is the perfect climax to this road trip symphony. So, rev up that engine, hit the road, and let the unpredictability of Morocco’s beauty unfold!

    Day Three: Dades Gorges – Todra Gorges – Merzouga, Into the Desert:

    After breaking fast, journey to the Todra Gorge, boasting sheer 200-meter walls. From here raid into the desert, trekking through the palm oasis of Tafilalet to your desert hotel at the tip of the Erg Chebbi. Experience a tranquil night beneath Moroccan stars, feasting on a local dish surrounded by the dunes.


    Day Four: A Date with Erg Chebbi and Merzouga

    Dig into a nourishing Moroccan breakfast before launching the 4×4 tour around the Erg Chebbi dunes. Break bread and enjoy a concert with Gnawa music in the village of Khamelia before navigating back to the sandy sea and welcoming dusk on camelback. Enjoy the evening around a bonfire with music and sleep in nomadic tents.

    Day Five: Merzouga – Middle Atlas, Fez – City Bound

    Awake early to witness the mesmerizing desert dawn. Return to the hotel on camelback for a refreshing breakfast and shower. With Rissani next on the agenda, navigate the largest southern market, bustling with local crafts, food, and animals. Journey through Erfoud and the lush Ziz Valley, featuring myriad palm trees, en route to Fez.

    Day Six: Venture into Fez

    Roam the ancient and mystical city of Fez, recognized as Morocco’s cultural and religious heart. Discover varied districts, Mellah–the Jewish Quarter, the contemporary French zone Ville Nouvelle, and Fez-Bali–the old city within- city walls _a world steeped in antiquity.

    Day Seven: Adieu Morocco

    Your adventure in Morocco concludes with a transfer to the airport for your departure. Of course, you can choose to extend this 7 days Morocco itinerary from Marrakech to Fez by adding more days to your trip.


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    Marrakech to Fez 1-week travel tips:

    For a week-long desert tour from Marrakech to Fez, here are some friendly suggestions from a seasoned traveller:

    1. Begin by creating a thoughtful itinerary that includes not just the best cities in Morocco but also the memorable adventure to Merzouga.
    2. Be conscious of the prevailing climate and dress accordingly whilst always remembering to respect local customs and traditions.
    3. When it comes to getting from one city to another, look at the options. It could be an exciting train ride, a scenic bus trip, or simply hiring a driver.
    4. When in Morocco, treat your taste buds to a culinary odyssey. Don’t miss out on delicacies like tagine and couscous.
    5. Weather-wise, spring and fall are your best friends when planning this trip.
    6. It’s always good to mind your manners. In Morocco, that means dressing modestly, always asking for consent before photographing people, and observing other local etiquettes.
    7. Travel is unpredictable. Plan but keep some room for spontaneity and unexpected changes.
    8. Last but not least, the sun in the desert can be a force to reckon with. So keep your sunblock handy, and remember to stay hydrated.

    Embarking on this 7 days Morocco itinerary from Marrakech to Fez, you’re sure to create unforgettable memories. And as always, hit me up if you have more queries!


    But do note, this info may be subject to change. Always confirm with your tour operator before turning your travel dreams into reality.


    Happy Travels!

    FAQs for Marrakech to Fez 7-day itinerary:

    What are the must-visit attractions in Marrakech?

    The must-visit attractions in Marrakech include the Medina of Marrakesh, Jardin Majorelle, Bahia Palace, Koutoubia Mosque and the Saadian Tombs. Don’t miss out on exploring the bustling souks either.

    How do I plan transportation between cities?

    Planning transportation between cities in Morocco can be done via train, bus, or car hire. Trains are reliable and comfortable, while the CTM and Supratours buses are also good options. Private car hires can also be arranged if you prefer a more flexible schedule.

    Are there any recommended local cuisines to try?

    As for local cuisines, be sure to try traditional dishes such as Tagine, Couscous, Pastilla, Harira and don’t miss the chance to sip on traditional Moroccan Mint Tea. Additionally, street food like Maakouda (potato fritters) and various types of kebabs are widely available and delectable.

    What’s the best time of year for this 7 days Morocco Itinerary?

    The best time for this itinerary would be during the spring (April to June) or autumn (September to November) when the weather is generally mild and ideal for traveling.

    What cultural etiquettes should I be aware of in Morocco?

    Understanding and respecting Morocco’s cultural etiquettes is crucial for a positive experience. Always dress modestly, remembering this is a predominantly Muslim country. Asking for permission before taking photos of people is a good practice. It’s customary to greet with a handshake, and it’s usual to haggle in local markets. When bargaining, keep it lighthearted and respectful.


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