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    Top 12 Outdoor Activities In Morocco

    Morocco coastline stretch for more than 3500 kms “2170 mile”, has a rich landscape from the vast forest, to the big rivers, huge Mountain range of Middle and high Atlas, and Sahara desert! That is way we will give you the best activities in Morocco you can try in your travel in Morocco.


    Camel Rides & Desert Safaris

    For those prepared to sacrifice their bottoms for the ultimate desert experience, several places in the south of the country offer the best activities in Morocco “camel expeditions” ranging from a couple of days to two weeks.

    Autumn (September to October) and winter (November to early March) are the only seasons worth considering. Prices start at around Dh250 per person, but vary depending on the number of people involved, the length of the trek and your negotiating skills. The agency will organise the bivouac, which may be a permanent camp for shorter trips in Sahara desert of Morocco, and may offer Berber music and m’choui (barbecued lamb).

    If you have less time and more money, it’s also possible to make overnight 4WD trips into the hammada (stony desert). Vehicle hire will cost from Dh1000 per day.


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    Places to head for include Zagora and Tinfou in the Drâa Valley; M’Hamid and the dunes of Chigaga, 95km further south; and the Saharan dunes of Merzouga, southeast of Rissani.

    Trekking, Special Activities in Morocco

    Activities in Morocco, Trekking
    Jebel Toubkal

    Morocco is a superb destination for mountain lovers, offering a variety of year-round trekking possibilities. There are quite a number of adventure travel companies outside Morocco that organise treks in Morocco to suit all abilities. If you’d rather do it on your own, it’s relatively straightforward to arrange guides, porters and mules for a more independent adventure. Look at paying a minimum of Dh300 per person plus food.

    Jebel Toubkal (4167m), the highest peak in the High Atlas mountain range, tends to attract the lion’s share of visitors, but great possibilities exist throughout the country.

    Surfing in The Best Beach of Morocco

    Surfing in Morocco

    Surfing has had little attention for attraction in Morocco, but with thousands of kilometres of ocean coast, it isn’t a bad place to take your board.


    The beaches around Kenitra are a safe bet; Plage Mehdiya, just a few kilometres north of Rabat, is said to have a reliable year-round break, and there are a few other places further up the coast towards Larache.

    Anchor Point in Agadir has been recommended, although it can be very inconsistent. Taghazout, close by, is a laid-back spot popular with surfers, and there is a Germanrun surf lodge nearby at Tamraght, 15km north of Agadir.

    Essaouira one of the best bech town in Morocco, has been singled out by some surfers, though it’s a far better windsurfing destination.


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    Bird-Watching Unique Activities in Morocco

    Morocco is a bird-watcher’s paradise startling array of species inhabits the country’s diverse ecosystems and varied environments. Around 460 species have been recorded in Morocco, many of them migrants passing through in spring and autumn. Some migrate between sub-Saharan Africa and breeding grounds in Scandinavia, Greenland and northern Russia, while others fly to Morocco to avoid the harsh northern European winters.

    A possible ‘Top Ten’ of birding sites are:

    Souss-Massa National Park Offering fantastic birding in estuarine, lagoon and arid environments, this park is ideal for sea birds, waders and bald ibises.

    Essaouira Islands Including lle de Mogador, these are the famed breeding grounds of the rare Eleanora’s falcon.


    Zaïda The rare Dupont’s lark makes its home on these plains to the north of Midelt. Other larks and sandgrouse can also be spotted.

    Lac de Sidi Bourhaba This beautiful lake and marshland is good for black-shouldered kites, crested coots, marbled ducks and African marsh owls.

    Merzouga This area is home to numerous desert species; in spring a shallow lake appears northwest of Merzouga, attracting flocks of pink flamingos and other water birds.

    Strait of Gibraltar Tens of thousands of migratory storks and birds of prey cross the strait in spring and autumn. Jebel Musa and Cap Spartel on the Mediterranean coast are good vantage points for watching.


    Moulouya Estuary & Ras el-Mar This area east of Nador is excellent for waders, ospreys and seabird breeding colonies.

    Tamri This is a great spot for seeing rare bald ibises.

    Merdja Zerga This coastal lagoon southeast of Moulay Bousselham holds thousands of wintering waterfowl, waders and flamingos.

    High Atlas These mountains are great for raptors, including lammergeier vultures.

    Mountain Biking & Motorbiking

    Mountain biking in Morocco
    Mountain biking Morocco

    Ordinary cycling is possible activity in Morocco, but mountain biking opens up the options considerably. Roads are well maintained, although very often narrow. For the very fit, the vast networks of pistes (dirt tracks) and even the footpaths of the High Atlas Mountain offer the most rewarding biking. Any bike tour should be well planned, and you’ll need to ensure that you have enough supplies, particularly water, for each leg of the journey. A few travel agencies and mid-range hotels hire out mountain bikes but the quality isn’t really high enough for an extended trip.


    It’s possible to rent quad bikes in Ouarzazate and elsewhere by the day and half-day.


    Fishing in Morocco
    Fishing in Morocco

    In the Mediterranean and Atlantic you’ll find bonito, sea perch, mullet, chad and sea bream. Saltwater fishing is free.

    Freshwater fish found in Morocco include trout, pike, black bass, perch, roach and carp.


    Unfortunately, the situation on freshwater permits seems unclear. Some officers of “Eaux et Forêts” (the ministry responsible for fishing) state that nonresidents can buy an annual pass covering all the rivers and lakes in Morocco (Dh400; you need two passport photos, a stamp and an address in Morocco), while others claim that only day passes are available to nonresidents (Dh50; one photo and a passport as ID). Apply to Eaux et Forêts. The freshwater fishing season is from April to November.

    Golf in 17 Courses in Morocco

    Golf courses in Morocco

    Golf is the best activity in Morocco on the list of advertised attractions and was a favourite pastime of the late King Hassan II. There are now 17 courses in the country and many more on the drawing board. Some are excellent, some OK, but almost all are well maintained and landscaped.

    The oldest course (1917) is the Royal Country Club of Tangier, an 18-hole course that has been described as “adventurous’. The Royal Dar es-Salaam, 10km out of central Rabat, is the best and most modern, designed by Robert Trent Jones. It was rated in the world’s top 100 golf courses by Golf Magazine and hosts international competitions – the Hassan II Challenge Cup is held here annually.

    There are other courses at Marrakesh, Meknès, Mohammedia (outside Casablanca), Ouarzazate, El-Jadida (7km out of town) and Agadir (three courses). See entries in those towns for details.


    A round usually costs Dh300 to Dh400, plus around Dh100 for a caddy (compulsory) and club hire; dress reasonably smartly. Some courses require proof of a handicap.

    Horse Riding in Major Towns

    Activities in Morocco
    horse riding

    Of the several spots for horse riding, Ouirgane and the Todra Gorge are probably the most convenient for the independent traveller.

    There are horse riding clubs in all major towns, notably Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech and Rabat. Several clubs organize pony treks in the Middle Atlas.
    The combination of travelling by mule and skiing (known as mule-skiing) is characteristic to the High Atlas and can be carried out from February to April.
    Camel riding is also available, both in the Atlas Mountains and around the Sahara Desert area in the southwest.

    Windsurfing in The Atlantic Coast

    Windsurf in Morocco
    Windsurf in Morocco

    Windsurfing is the an authentic activity in Morocco, The windy conditions at Essaouira and some towns make it an even better spot for windsurfers than for their wax-and-board colleagues. You can hire boards on the beach (Dh180 per hour) and there’s a reasonable windsurfing community here year-round.


    Dakhla, Taghazout and Dar Bouazza, south of Casablanca, is another popular spot for windsurfing.

    Skiing in Atlas Mountain

    Skiing in High Atlas Mountain
    Skiing in High Atlas Mountain

    Although somewhat rough and ready in comparison with Europe’s alpine offerings, skiing is a viable option from November to April.

    The opportunities for ski trekking (ski randonné) tend to vary from area to area, but between late December and February tends to be the best time. The Aït Bou Goumez Valley has some of the best ski trekking in the country.

    Oukaïmeden, about 70km south of Marobreshis a popular downhill ski resort which boasts the highest ski lift in North Africa. You can hire equipment here. There are a few other spots dotted around the Middle Atlas equipped for snow sport, the best known and equipped being Mischliffen near Ifrane.


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    Climbing in Todra Gorge

    Climbing in High Atlas

    As yet, rock climbing is an undeveloped activity in Morocco, but there are some sublime opportunities for the vertically inclined. Anyone contemplating routes should have plenty of experience under their belt and be prepared to bring all their own equipment.

    The Todra Gorge is one of the most popular spots, and climbing competitions run by the Royal Moroccan Ski and Mountaineering Federation are held here.

    Areas in the Anti Atlas and High Atlas offer everything from bouldering to very severe mountaineering routes.


    White-Water Rafting

    A few specialist adventure companies organise rafting trips. The rivers in the High Atlas near Bin el-Ouidane Dam in the area around Azilal and Afourer have stunning scenery and are popular spots.


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