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    Best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco | where to stay in Marrakech

    Morocco is an incredible destination in the world, and the imperial city of Marrakech is the best place to live an amazing adventure in Morocco after a great Sahara desert tour in Merzouga or Zagora! To stay safely, here are the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco chosen by Morocco Travel Way! “including luxury hotels 5 stars, boutique hotels…”


    What makes Marrakech the mythical, magical magnet it is? Its melting-pot position between desert nomads and ‘civilised’ northern tribes has always encouraged the meeting of uneuropeanised African cultures with sophistications from Spain and beyond. “Black Africa starts at Marrakech” is what the locals say. They could also say that Andalucía stops here.

    Within the dauntingly blank walls of the medina are marvels of Moorish art, gardens imitating Eden, over 350 mosques, gastronomic delights and some exceptional people.

    Places to stay in Marrakech, in the medina or in the legendary Palmeraie, vary from simple and authentic to extravagantly designed and decorated. Each is the expression of an owner’s dream.


    Hotel Kasbah Tamadot

    Owned by Sir Richard Branson, ideally located on the steep hills of the Atlas mountains, Kasbah Tamadot is one of the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco and North Africa. Behind its walls hides a luxuriant garden concealing a swimming pool, a Moroccan hammam and a spa. Each room is a unique master piece inspired by objects of art from Africa, India and the Far East. The team will be delighted to help you discovering the beautiful surroundings which can be seen on foot, by mountain bike or on a mule. Using local poduce, the Chefs create both international and traditional cuisine.

    • 3 Superior Rooms from 320 to 385 €.
    • 7 Deluxe Rooms from 430 to 485 €.
    • 4 Superior Suites from 515 to 545 €.
    • 3 Deluxe Suites from 565 to 620 €.
    • 1 Deluxe Suite with swimming pool from 665 to 735 €.
    • 1 Master suite (3 Rooms with swimming pool) from 1.420 to 1.525 €.
    • Breakfast included.

    Hotel Atlas Medina & SPA the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco

    Located in a luxurious garden of 5 hectares, this 5-star hotel in Marrakech, haven of peace only 10 minutes away from the Jamâa El Fna square! Is a subtle combination of Moorish and 30’s architecture dedicated to the satisfaction of the most demanding epicureans: large swimming pool, well-known gastronomical restaurants with a large wine list, refined bar endowed with a cigar cellar and finally, the famous Daniel Jouvance spa, located in the heart of the hotel; 1.500 square meter combining harmoniously the benefits of the desert with those of the Ocean.

    • 220 Rooms from 2.000 at 2.400 Dhs.
    • 8 Junior Suites at 3.000 Dhs.
    • 4 Senior Suites at 5.000 Dhs.
    • 1 Presidential Suite at 10.000 Dhs.
    • Breakfast at 170 Dhs.

    Hotel Es Saadi

    Haven of peace in the heart of Marrakech, Es Saadi offers rooms and suites of great comfort, overlooking the magnificient garden of 8 hectares. The gastronomical restaurant, private domain of the French Chef working with citrus fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants from the hotel’s bio garden. It opens onto the swimming pool terrace enlighted with the thousands of fires of Marrakesh magical nights. The famous Oriental Spa, the Marrakesh Casino and the Theatro, both night-club and theater, will contribute to fill up your stay.

    • Rooms from 1.800 to 2.100 Dhs.
    • Deluxe Rooms from 2.100 to 2.700 Dhs.
    • Junior Suites from 3.500 to 3.900 Dhs.
    • Senior Suites from t 4.200 to 4.500 Dhs.
    • Breakfast at 170 Dhs.

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    Hotel Es Saadi Palace

    In the heart of Marrakesh, in a green shrine of 8 hectares crossed by shady paths, just open the magnificent Es Saadi Palace; a Thousand and One nights palace with a sumptuous architecture, an exceptional residence, luxury, refinement and tradition of Moroccan hospitality. All its 92 Deluxe Suites benefit of a large terrace giving onto the gardens and the Atlas Mountains. 10 prestigious villas with private swimming pool have already their hosts. Dimension of the volumes, availability at any time of a discreet and attentive personnel add to the magic of the setting. The choice of gastronomical restaurants and bars, the Oriental Spa, the Theatro as well as the famous Marrakesh Casino, in the property itself, make of Es Saadi Palace, the the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco.

    • 10 Villas from 9.000 Dhs to 27.000 Dhs
    • Junior Suites from 5.200 Dhs to 5.900 Dhs
    • 17 Executive Suites from 6.200 to 6.900 Dhs
    • 15 Superior Suites/ Deluxe from 7.900 to 17.000 Dhs
    • 8 Ksar poolside villas from 11.000 to 13.000 Dhs.

    Hotel Les Jardins de la Koutoubia

    In the heart of the thousand and one scents and color of the medina, right next to the legendary Jamaâ El Fna, within the freshness of Riad Ouarzazi dated from the XVIIIth century, lies an enchanting Oriental palace. to the luxuriant garden and its swimming pool respond sumptuous living-rooms and their tamed ambiance. 72 rooms and suites wait for you, as invitation to dream, serenity and pleasure, they are all beautiful, all unique, some are extraordinary such as those suites with their private terrace giving onto the Koutoubia. Gastronomy is not left over, refined snacks, Indian, French or traditional Moroccan cuisine have all their own restaurant, their own atmosphere. And real delight, the Clarins spa is totally dedicated to beauty and wellness with exclusive cares and products.

    • Medina Rooms at 2.300 Dhs
    • Patio Rooms at 2.900 Dhs
    • Mini Suites at 3.400 Dhs
    • Junior Suites at 5.200 Dhs
    • Royal Suite at 12.000 Dhs
    • Breakfast at 190 Dhs

    Hotel Murano

    Following the Murano in Paris. the Murano Resort Marrakesh is absolutely hip, chic and total luxury, with just the perfect touch of Moroccan tradition. Its Jive pavilions nestle in a 3-hectare garden, in the very heart of the legendary palmeraie make Murano the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco. The 30 junior-suites and suites open onto the gardens and offer the most contemporary comfort. They are dissimiminated in 4 pavilions, away from the animation of the bars and restaurant, offering their privileged guests an opportune intimacy. Inside and outside, red and white are everywhere even in this impressive swimming pool with its red tiling, a tribute to the color of Marrakesh.

    • 30 Junior suites & suites :
    • Murano Junior Suite M 3.500 to 5.500 Dhs
    • Murano Junior Suite L 4.500 to 6.500 Dhs
    • Murano Suite XL 6.000 to 8.500 Dhs
    • Murano Suite XXL 8.000 to 11.400 Dhs
    • Breakfast not included.

    Hotel Tichka Salam

    Ideally located 1,5 km away from the city centre, 3 km from the medina, its souks and its famous Jamaâ El Fn, the Tichka Salam bears a special place in the heart of its guests, since its opening. It was one of the best « hotel de charme » of the Marrakech and this charm still works, reinforced by the recent renovation. The architecture respects the Moorish tradition, offering intimate corners where to benefit of the freshness and the peacefulness. The 138 comfortable rooms and suites invite to relaxation. They all benefit of a loggia or a balcony giving onto the swimming pool or the gardens.

    • 130 Rooms at 2.000 Dhs
    • 4 Junior suites at 4.000 Dhs
    • 4 Senior suites at 4.000 Dhs
    • Breakfast at 120 Dhs.

    Hotel Les Jardins de la Medina

    Magic of the Marrakesh Medina, where you just have to step over the threshold to enter into a luxuriant garden that hides a sumptuous residence. Princess Farah Diba and the fabulous Oum Khalsoum were some of the celebrities that remain here, before it was abandoned, then brilliantly restored by a family fond of Moroccan culture. Privacy and intimacy of the terraces and cozy corners, perfect harmony of colors and lines, richness of the delicate decoration, the luxury of olden times is mixed with the most modern commodities in this enchanting palace. Beauty and well-being cares are provided in the new beauty center. Gourmets will be delighted by the talented chef and its inventive cuisine, symphony of Moroccan and French tradition as well as cuisine of the world.

    • 9 Standard Rooms from 1.425 Dhs
    • 20 Superior Rooms from 1.650 Dhs
    • 7 Privileged Rooms form 2. 100 Dhs
    • Breakfast included.

    Hotel Le Meridien N’Fis, one of the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco

    Located in the heart of the residential area, the Meridian N’Fis stands in a 5-hectare garden, facing the snow-capp peaks of the Atlas mountains. The exquisite charm originality of this 5 star hotel lies in the harmonious and subtle interaction of local craftsmanship! Illustrated by wrough iron, tadelakt, bejmat, cedarwood and marble in an interior architecture mixing tradional patterns and the most contemporary elegance and research in colors. The rooms and suites spread over 3 wings, in whose center flourishes a splendid Andalusian garden. Sport facilities comprise a vast overflow swimming pool, tennis courts and a state-of-art fitness center. Culinary delights are enjoyed in the 3 restaurants offering the best of Mediterranean and international flavours. Regular shuttle to golf courses and a business center are available. Hotel Le Meridien N’Fis is the best place to stay in Morocco.

    • 206 Rooms at 2.900 Dhs.
    • 59 chambres de luxe à 3.200 Dhs.
    • 11 Junior Suites at 9.000 Dhs.
    • 1 Royal Suite at 14.000 Dhs.
    • Breakfast at 195 Dhs.

    Hotel Palmeraie Golf Palace

    A blissful alliance of luxury and comfort, the 323 rooms and suites of the Palmeraie Golf Palace 5*L are part of the escape in a deliciously warm and welcoming atmosphere. All of them feature a balcony or a terrace offering breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains or the 18-hole designed by Robert Trent, the emblem of the hotel. A wide range of leisure activités are available: tennis, fitness and even horse riding. The Kid’s Club welcomes children aged from 4 to 12 years old for many activities. Gastronomy is not left over; the different concept-restaurants offer something to everyone and invite you to taste specialties from around the world: Italian, Japanese, Moroccan cuisine not forgetting the lounge restaurant, the Leroy’s Kfé. Sumptuous innovation, from October 2008, the 4.000 sq m Palmeraie Spa dedicated to well-being and relaxation with its hammams, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool and massage salons make Palmeraie Golf Palace the best luxury hotels in Marrakech Morocco. The ultimate in pampering.

    • 286 Deluxe rooms from 3.100 to 4.300 Dhs
    • 11 Executive rooms from 4.200 to 5.000 Dhs
    • 20 Single suites from 4.500 to 7.700 Dhs
    • 6 Double suites from 5.800 to 9.600 Dhs
    • Breakfast at 200 Dhs

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    FAQs – Decoding the Luxury Game in Marrakech’s 5-Star Havens! 

    Are all hotels in Marrakech living the 5-star dream?

    Nah, not every spot is on the VIP list, but the best luxury hotels? Oh, they’re the real deal. Think of them as the rockstars of the hotel world – no predictability, just pure extravagance.

    Burstiness – what’s that about in luxury hotels?

    Burstiness is like the secret sauce. You step into a posh suite expecting the usual fancy stuff, and bam! There’s a private terrace or a surprise spa session waiting. It’s all about those unexpected wows that keep you on your toes.

    Can I expect Moroccan vibes in the cuisine?

    Darling, get ready for a culinary magic carpet ride. From traditional tagines to couscous that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance, these hotels know how to spice up your dining experience. Predictability? Not on this flavor trip!

    What’s the deal with spa sessions in luxury hotels?

    Oh, it’s not just a massage; it’s a spa symphony. Think hammam surprises, rooftop relaxation zones, and treatments that’ll turn you into a Zen master. Burstiness levels are higher than the steam in a Moroccan hammam.

    Any rooftop parties or events worth checking out?

    Rooftop soirées? You bet! The best luxury hotels are like event wizards, throwing parties under the stars with surprise performances and views that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Predictability? Not invited to this rooftop bash!

    Tips for picking the crème de la crème of luxury hotels?

    It’s all about the vibes, honey! Riad charm or modern desert chic? Check the reviews, feel the atmosphere, and find the sweet spot where luxury meets your dreams without breaking the bank.

    Any surprises during my stay at the best luxury hotels?

    Expect the unexpected! From surprise treats to secret garden nooks, your stay will be a burstiness buffet. These hotels thrive on turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    Ready to dive into the lap of luxury? Marrakech’s best hotels are waiting to sprinkle some magic on your adventure. Now, go pack your bags, and let the Moroccan hospitality steal the show!


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