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    Best Things to do in Casablanca Morocco | Ultimate Travel Guide

    Different to Marrakech and Fes, which attract millions of tourists every year, there are amazing things to do in Casablanca. Called Casa, is Morocco’s economic and commercial center and home to Africa’s largest financial center. As a city of business, Casablanca represents at least 60% of the the country’s economic market.


    The city is also known for its stunning French Colonial architecture, including the Hassan II Mosque and Mohammed V Avenue.

    What is Casablanca Morocco known for?

    It is the biggest city in Morocco with almost 4 million inhabitants.

    The marine port of Casablanca is the biggest one in the world!


    City of business and economic Capital of Morocco.

    The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca built partly on the sea it is the 7th largest mosque in the world and largest one in Africa.

    Casablanca Airport is the biggest one in Morocco and the busiest Terminal in Africa.

    Now, a little bit of History…

    Casablaca; Morocco

    The Casablanca we see today was originally built in the 7th century BC. By Berbers (indigenous peoples of North Africa). At that time Casablanca was called “Anfa”, a name that can still be found in ancient manuscripts and paintings. This Berber kingdom was conquered by Arab tribes in the 12th century, and Arab culture spread throughout the city.

    Anfa began to rebuild and became a very desirable seaport (and a haven for pirates!) in the area. And Portuguese called it “Casa Branca” (meaning White House).


    It was abandoned after a devastating earthquake in 1755, but ʿAlawi Sultan Sidi Muhammad ibn Abd Allah rebuilt the city in the late 18th century. Spanish merchants and other European traders called it Casablanca and began to settle there.

    The city was occupied by the French in 1907 and during the French protectorate until 1956 Casablanca became the main Moroccan port.

    Is Casablanca Morocco worth visiting ?

    While it may be ironic, Casablanca is often where visitors to Morocco will first land. Instead of immediately hopping on a connecting train or private tour to Fez, Marrakech, or desert of Morocco, spend a day or two exploring Morocco’s biggest city.

    You might be surprised at all things to do in Casablanca. It has much more to offer than just being a transit hub.


    There are great places to visit in casablanca that make your trip wonderful.

    Casablanca is the cosmopolitan, economic heart of Morocco. A city where Moroccans come to seek their fortune. Casablanca is a modern Morocco of today.

    The city feels like a once glamorous and sophisticated metropolis on its way back to its former glory.

    Casablanca is a city with a lot of potential. It has stunning French colonial architecture, enormous old hotels, and elegant European cafes.

    Best Time to Visit the City of Casablanca

    Best Places to visit Casablanca Morocco

    Casablanca has pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, though the hottest months are July through September when temperatures typically fall within the 80-90°F range, and it’s the best time to visit Morocco. The coolest weather in Morocco is from December to February, with temperatures usually remaining around 60°F. November, December, and January are months when rainfall is more likely, though even then amounts are typically low.


    Getting to Casablanca

    The train station is located right next to the airport. It takes about 10 minutes to get there. And it take about 30 min to get from the airport to casa-voyageurs train station located just off Avenue Mohammed V, which runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. There are trains run every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 20 minutes during off-peak hours. And there are two types of ticket, for first class and second class cost up to 64 Dirhams (MAD), I recommend tourists to buy ticket online (ONCF) or before boarding the train for first class.

    After in the train station in Casablanca There are taxis everywhere so there shouldn’t be any trouble finding one.

    Around the city There is a tram system, You can also take taxis around- they are all over. The cars are small and red with taxi signs so just wave them down. My best recommendation, ask a taxis driver to use the meter to get to places that you want to visit in Casablanca and Morocco.


    NB : In The airport you can either take a taxi or book in advance Private airport transfer, and here are some trusted company…

    Best Things to Do in Casablanca Morocco

    There are a lot of things to do in Casablanca and see, from experiencing modern Morocco to discovering the city’s ancient heritage. Top places to visit in Casablanca can easily be explored within a day. So if you’re only traveling to Casablanca for a brief stop, excursion from Marrakech or Rabat, or have day trip from Fes in hand, here is an amazing itinerary!

    1. Moroccan Art Deco

    What to do in Casablanca

    Casablanca is Morocco’s Art Deco center. Get some fresh air in contrast to the traditional and medieval French Colonial architecture of other best Morocco destinations.

    French architects embraced the Art Deco movement in the early 20th century, make Casablanca particular to another cities in Morocco.


    Urban refinement with a European flair reminiscent of Casablanca living in the last century.

    There are many beautiful buildings in the city center and Mohammed V Avenue. While some are sadly in disrepair, several elegant buildings have been lovingly restored and converted into new hotels and elegant restaurants. Some of the buildings have been artistically painted, it’s awesome to see it and take a stunning photo and post it on Instagram…

    2. Hassan II Mosque is the top things to do in Casablanca

    Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco

    Hassan II Mosque is the most popular attraction and for good reason. Is located on Avenue Mohammed V in Casablanca. It is a largest mosque in Morocco and Africa, was built between 1987 and 1991.

    Few mosques allow non-Muslims to enter, but Hassan II Mosque does. You need to join a tour to enter the mosque.


    If you want to get a tour, the Tickets will cost 120 MAD = 12$ and the tour is approximately 45 minutes. You can take pictures inside, but not video. And you will also need to take off your shoes, so wear socks (or bring them with you) if you feel uncomfortable walking barefoot.

    Outside the mosque you may also want to spend another hour walking. This is an amazing building with splendid tiles and very photogenic patterns.

    3. Get Lost in the Old Medina

    Old Medina in Casablanca

    After been exploring Boulvard Mohammed V, go to the “Old Medina” and change the scene the difference is obvious. Casablanca has been transformed somewhat because of Portuguese, Spanish, and French colonial influences.

    The Medina is not big enough as vibrant or dynamic as other Medinas in Morocco like Marrakech, Fes and Meknes, but it is still interesting in its own right and definitely worth visiting and still the best things to do in casablanca, Morocco.


    Walk through narrow streets of the old medina, and try to pick up a gift to your familly, and discuss with people and local merchants, the moroccans are very friendly and respect tourists.

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    4. Place des Nations Unies

    La Place des Nation Unies (United Nations Square) is an amazing place to visit in Casablaca and  located in the heart of the city withe an amazing fountain in the center, and many coffee, restaurants and shops beside the place.

    Stop near the United Nations Square after a guided tour in Medina and Boulvard Mohammed V for an refreshing break at one of the juice shops and had some delicious squeezed orange juice.


    The Moroccan orange juice is sincerly the freshly and natural one.

    5. Stroll the Atlantic Coast at La Corniche

    Cornoche Ain Diab Casablanca

    Hassan II Mosque is located close to La Corniche which is Casablanca’s fashionable beach district.

    The city’s boulevard, lined with cafes with umbrellas shading them, restaurants with ocean views, and chic lounges offering access to pools and beaches, is Morocco’s version of the cote d’Azure.

    The area is popular with both Casawis and tourists because the weather is good all year round.


    On a good day, you can find people swimming, sun bathing, fishing, playing volleyball, and more.

    If you’re looking to get a taste of Morocco that strays from the beaten path, La Corniche is the perfect spot. With a refreshing walk on the beach and plenty of holiday charm, it’s easy to see why this spot is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

    6. Take the View from The Sacre-Coeur Cathedral

    Built in 1930, the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral (Basilica of the Sacred Heart) is the architectural masterpiece of French architect Paul Tournon. The Neo-Gothic style influenced by Moroccan Muslims and Art Deco is a surprising sight in Casablanca.

    During the French protectorate and Catholic rule, the cathedral was an principal landmark in Casablanca. After Morocco’s independence in 1956, the cathedral was abandoned. Since then, it has been used for different activities as a school and cultural house, and now hosts events and fairs.


    You can explore The cathedral, and you may access to the tower. The views from the basilica towers to the Atlantic Sea are unbelievable.

    Panoramic view of Casablanca

    8. Moroccan Hammam Spa Treatment, exciting things to do in Casablanca

    While you’re exploring the Casablanca in Morocco, you probably will be exhausted and need some relax and  traditional Moroccan spa treatment is the best idea.

    A Traditional Moroccan hammam experience involves exfoliating and scrub the entire body, alternating between hot and cold water, and finishing with a full body massage.

    I highly recommend to add Moroccan Hammam traitement to your Morocco travel plan and it is the best things to in Casablanca.


    Hotels in Casablanca Morocco

    Because Casablanca is the commercial center of Morocco and a city of business, there are a bunch of hotel categories. From Hostle to Luxury hotels via Mid-Range!

    Below the list of best Luxury hotels in Casablanca Morocco:

    • Le Palace d’Anfa Hotel : 156 rooms with 17 suites
    • Golden Tulip Hotel Des Arts : 95 Rooms and apartments
    • JM Suites : 22 suites
    • Novotel Casa City Center Hotel : 130 Superior Rooms ,143 Deluxe Rooms, 8 Senior Suites
    • Dawliz Hotel : 41 Rooms, 2 Junior Suites
    • Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca : 186 Rooms & 29 Suites
    • Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche : 141 rooms and also 30 suites

    Consider Taking a guided Tour

    La Place des Nation Unies, Hassan II Mosque, Place Mohammed V, and the Cathedral du Sacre Coeur are the main attractions and best places to visit in Casablanca. They aren’t close to each other, so if you want to see all these scenes in one day, I suggest to book a guided tour. However Taxi drivers can’t wait you all the day, but I recommend you book in advance to ensure that you get a trusted and experimented guide.

    Of course, there are many other interesting places to visit in Casablanca !


    Do you have a favorite place in Casablanca, or have you been to one of the places presented in this Post ?

    Feel free to Share it in the comment below…


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