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    When Is The Best Time To Visit Morocco? | Full Weather Info

    From October to April, is the best time of year to visit Morocco and makes it popular among visitors. Coastal Morocco enjoys year-round mild conditions, although winter can bring cool, wet weather in the north. Winter days can be perfect in the south, though desert nights can be very cold.


    Best time to visit morocco

    In Morocco the tourist season lasts the whole year round; but not in any one spot. January and February are the best time of year to visit Morocco for the desert and the inland south, including Marrakech. Their season begins in November or late October and lasts until May. Spring (March-May) is a lovely time for seeing the flowers in the mountain regions and much of the inland areas. Summer (late May to September) is the best period for the seaside, both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, though winters are mild along the Med shore and at Agadir, on the far southern Atlantic coast. October and early November, often the year’s driest period, can be the best season for touring by road. From December to April the snow on the Rif, Middle Atlas, and High Atlas Mountains is at its best, and you may be able to enjoy good skiing.

    When is the best time to visit morocco for climate?

    The Best time to visit Morocco

    Don’t believe that Morocco is always hot. No matter what the best time of year to visit Morocco, will be at least pleasantly cool. But that may not be the part you’re going And it may not be the part you’ve got to go through to get there. Similarly, the idea that Morocco is a dry country out of your mind. It isn’t. July and August may be the driest months. But that doesn’t mean that rain stops completely, even in the south. A torrential thundery downpour can produce a flash flood capable of folding up a reinforced concrete bridge like a bit of waste paper. Rain doesn’t last long in the summer. But it can be fierce for an hour or two or drizzle for a day or two anywhere along the Atlantic coast. It is usually heaviest in December to February, and flooding in the fertile Rharb is regular. In spring, it can be wet for days at a time.

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    When is the best time to visit morocco for weather?

    The coast from Tangier to Agadir enjoys a temperate climate, averaging around 15°C (60°F) in winter and 25°C (75°F) in summer; rainfall is concentrated in the north, and falls mainly in winter; the southern beach resort of Agadir can boast 300 days of sunshine a year. The inland cities of Fez and Meknès are slightly cooler in winter and warmer in summer, but it is in the mountains that the most extreme variations are to be found. On the summit ridges of the Atlas, temperatures can plummet to -20°C (-8°F) in midwinter, and soar to a searing 40°C (105°F) in summer when the desert winds blow from the east.


    For the farmers in Morocco, too much rain too often falls too quickly at the wrong time. But at least, for the tourist, that leaves plenty of time for the sun. There are about 3,000 to 3,250 hours of sunshine a year in most spots.

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    Best time to visit Morocco to practice activities.

    Hiking in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
    Hiking in Atlas Mountains, Morocco

    It would be preferable to avoid visiting the south and especially the desert of Morocco during July and August, when it’s far too hot for daytime exploration.  If you’re planning a hiking trip in the mountains, the Best time to visit Morocco is April to October, unless you have experience of snow conditions.  In high season (mid-June to mid-September) you should book trekking trips or you may find areas fully booked.

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    Visit Morocco in Ramadan

    Apart from weather considerations, the Islamic religious calendar and its related religious festivals in Morocco may influence your decision about the best time of year to visit morocco.  Ramadan, a whole month of daytime fasting, is the most important event to consider.  Most local cafes and restaurants close during the day, it can cause problems on public transport and guides and muleteers are unwilling to go on treks all of which could make it an inconvenient time to travel to Morocco.

    However, Ramadan may be a rewarding event to witness and experience.  At sunset, signaled by the lighting of lamps on the minarets and the sounding of sirens, calm descends on the streets and people drink milk or a bowl of Moroccan soup “harira”. And may offer food and drink to the poor and homeless.

    Ramadan in The major Moroccan Cities

    In the cities, after breaking the fast everyone enjoys a night of celebration and entertainment.  If you’re in Marrakesh during this time, the Djemaa El Fnaa square (Best places to visit in Morocco) is alive with musicians, dancers, and acrobats.  In Fes and Rabat capital of Morocco, cafes and stalls stay open until AM and there is live music and singing.  Southern Berber tribes enjoy community celebrations of trance-like dances.

    Other religious festivals are usually celebrated with two days off.  On these public holidays, banks, shops, and post offices are closed and public transport is reduced.
    if you are interested in a religious holiday, Ramadan is the best time of year to go to Morocco.

    Best time of year to visit Morocco for special events. 

    Fantasia in Marrakech, Morocco
    Fantasia in Marrakech, Morocco

    Except for the Marrakesh Festival of Popular Arts, one week in the middle of June, the so-called cultural and folkloric event, especially the Touristic Week or Fortnight organized by the local tourist offices in most coastal resorts, are largely for the benefit of tourists. The traditional regional events are much more genuine and are often little more than joyful harvest festivals. The Moussems are pilgrimages, much like fiestas in honor of a patron saint, lasting up to ten days.


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    The most interesting festivals in Morocco are:

    If you’re planning to attend a special festival or event, this is below the best time of year to visit morocco

    Mid-February: Almond Festival, Tafraout

    March: Cotton Festival, Beni Mellal.

    April: Wax Lantern Festival, Sale; Al Moggar, Festival of African Popular Arts, Agadir.

    late April/May: Casablanca International Fair (biennial).

    May: Clementine Festival, Berkane, near Oujda; Rose Festival, El Kelaa des M’gouna, near Ouarzazate.


    May or October: Festival of Traditional Arts, Fez.

    June:  Gnaoua World Music Festival (Essaouira), 500,000 visitors go there every year over four days; Mawazine music festival held annually in Rabat is the largest festival in the world with more than 2.5 million visitors annually

    July: Sea Festival, Al Hoceima; Week of Popular Mediterranean Arts, Tangier; Honey festival, Immouzer des Ida Outanane. Orange Festival, Agadir.

    August: Cultural Festival, Asilah; Apple and Pear Festival, Immouzer du Kandar.

    September: Arab Theater Festival, Rabat; Horse Festival, Tissa, near Fez.

    Early October: Date Festival, Erfoud.

    November: Marrakech International Film Festival

    Mid-December: Olive Festival, Rafai, near Fez.

    Morocco Festivals, Mawazine
    Mawazine music festival

    Regional Fairs. 

    Fez and Meknès (May/June); Oujda (May); Taza and Tetouan (July/August); Marrakesh (November).


    Best time to visit Morocco for principal Moussems. 

    Based on the lunar year, the dates of the main Moussems, listed province by province in alphabetical order, are only approximate.

    Prorovince of Agadir: Sidi Bou Moussa, Ouled Taima, June; Sidi Bihi, Biougra, August.

    Prorovince of Er Rachidia: Engagement Festival at Imilchil, in the High Atlas, attracts 30000 tribesmen, three days in September; Moulay Ali Cherif, 13 miles south of Erfoud, September.


    Province of Fez: Moulay Idriss Alamayin, Fez, local craftsmen sacrifice cattle in a rather bloody spectacle in honor of the city’s founder and patron saint, the greatest urban moussem, mid-September. Sidi Lahcen Lyoussi, Setrou, August.

    Province of Goulimine: Camel Market moussem, a large number of dromedaries, popular with tourists because of the guedra dancing, Asrir, early June.

    Province of Marrakesh: Setti Fatna, Ourika, 34 miles from Marrakesh, three days of celebration in August. Moulay Ibrahim, 32 miles from Marrakech on the road to Asni, June; Sidi Abdelkader Ben Yassine, Marrakesh, September; El Aouina, 12 miles from Marrakesh, fantasia with many horsemen.

    International Sports Competitions. 

    Marrakech Grand Prix WTCR (April); Golf Championship (early April); Golf Grand Prix (early December); Dar es Salam, Rabat. Moroccan Auto Rally (early April); Plane Rally (mid-May). The dates of the Show Jumping, Rabat, Regatta Grand Prix, and Auto Grand Prix vary.


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