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    Binter re-establishes flights between Fez and the Canary Islands

    Fez, Morocco, is now part of Binter Canarias’ summer schedule. Bringing the airline back to the city and expanding its flight offerings to various markets is a significant development for the airline. With this service reintroduced, Binter now connects over 30 destinations with the Canary Islands.


    Binter reconnects Fez and the Canary Islands for the summer program.

    It is the eighth Moroccan city that Binter Canarias will serve, strengthening the airline’s presence in the country. Over 35 weekly flights throughout the year are provided by Binter to meet the demand for nearly 80,000 seats. Since this expansion, the airline has added routes throughout Morocco that are the most extensive to date. It is now even easier for travelers to plan trips to and from the Canary Islands and beyond with enhanced options and convenience.

    This summer Binter added a direct international service, which will be scheduled weekly on Saturdays, from Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) to Fès–Saïss Airport (FEZ). Flight 6428 (NT6428) took off from Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) at 11:30 and after two hours, The aircraft twin turboprop ATR 72-500 arrived at Fès–Saïss Airport at approximately 14:30. Then the return flight, NT6427, left FEZ at 15:15 and landed back at LPA around 18:45 after flying a distance of nearly 800 miles. The FEZ

    Fostering Bonds Beyond Boundaries:

    As Binter Canarias masterfully reinstates the Fez-Canarias route and unveils its vibrantly resplendent summer program, it forges an odyssey of discovery for both travelers and locals. The seamless connectivity between these two culturally diverse regions fortuitously engenders a profound understanding of each other’s heritage and values. Emboldened by the amplified flight schedules, newfangled destinations, and customer-centric services, Binter ingeniously orchestrates a symphony of exploration, where the journey itself seamlessly intertwines with the destination. As the rhapsody of cultural exchange crescendos and the chords of economic ties harmonize, this visionary initiative attests to the potency of fostering bonds beyond borders, transcending geographical confines, and exalting the beauty of diversity.


    What is the significance of Binter Canarias restoring the Fez-Canarias route?

    Binter Canarias’ restoration of the Fez-Canarias route holds immense significance as it artfully reestablishes a direct air link between two culturally rich regions. It thoughtfully facilitates easy travel and artfully promotes cultural exchange between Fez and Canarias, ultimately nurturing a deeper understanding of each other’s heritage and values.

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    What does Binter’s expanded summer program offer to travelers?

    Binter’s expanded summer program astutely encompasses an amplified flight schedule, an array of exciting new destinations, and customer-centric services. The heightened flight frequency graciously empowers travelers to intricately plan their journeys intricately, while the newfound destinations unfold boundless opportunities for immersive experiences. With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, Binter ensures an enchanting and stress-free journey for all travelers.

    How does the initiative impact the local economies of Fez and Canarias?

    Binter’s visionary initiative catalyzes tourism and fortifies the bedrock of economic cooperation between Fez and Canarias. The effervescent influx of visitors invigorates the local economy, generously fostering job opportunities and eliciting robust investment in the tourism and hospitality sectors. This harmonious dance of economic synergy enriches the prosperity of both communities, nurturing a steadfast bond of collaboration.


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