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    Oprah Winfrey Spent 2 Amazing Days In Marrakech, Morocco

    This article posted shares details about billionaire television star and media executive Oprah Winfrey’s recent 2 days visit to Marrakech, widely known as Morocco’s red city. The beloved media personality shared her splendid experience with her 23 million Instagram followers.


    Among the highlights discussed is a now-viral video where she was seen dancing to Moroccan music with a local band inside a traditional tent, which also allowed her to savor the country’s food.

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    Oprah expressed her gratitude for the two beautiful days she spent in Marrakech, Morocco; however, mentioning that it was not nearly enough to actually submerse herself into the magnificent culture that the city offers. She further elaborates on the memorable time spent at Souk Semmarine, a famous traditional market located in the heart of Marrakech, where she enjoyed a thrilling and delicious meal underneath a Moroccan tent.

    Her fascination didn’t end there. She also expressed her awe at the colorful and diverse artisanal items Marrakech’s souks offer. At one point, she was specifically enthralled by the art of rug making, expressing amazement at the hard work and dedication that goes into the process, especially acknowledging the group of 360 women involved.


    Oprah: I spent two beautiful days in Marrakesh, Morocco, which wasn’t enough time to experience so much magnificent culture. But I did get to explore Souk Semmarine, indulge in a thrillingly delicious meal underneath a Moroccan tent, learn about the art of rug making (especially how they’re made with the consortium of 360 women), and dance the night away! Thank you for a soul filling time, Morocco 🇲🇦

    Morocco, with Marrakech at its head, has seen a steady influx of tourists, including a good number of celebrities. The country dressed with its vibrant colors, soul-stirring music, intriguing culture, and welcoming people becomes a magnet for people globally, offering them a chance to experience a unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyles.

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    Finally, it touches upon Morocco’s booming tourism sector. By the end of May itself, the country’s tourism revenues already hit over $4 billion with more than 1 million tourist arrivals, indicating the increasing global interest towards Morocco as a desirable holiday destination.

    The final sentiments that Oprah shared were thanking the country for what she described as “a soul-filling time,” reflecting not just the sensory pleasures she gained but the deeper emotional and cultural experience she had. (oprah daily).


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