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    Traveling to Morocco | Where is Morocco located?

    Where is Morocco located? Is the most common question that novice travelers ask before to plan visit Morocco! But obviously Morocco is only a three-hour flight from London or a one-hour ferry trip from Spain, and yet it is as exotic and exciting a destination as any in the Far East or Latin America.


    About Morocco

    Morocco has famous best cities to visit, assaults the traveler with a barrage of new sensations, sights, sounds, and scents seem more intense, and the atmosphere more charged. From the rich gold of Essaouira‘s battlements basking in the setting sun to the deep blue shadows in the snowfields of the High Atlas Mountains; and from the rich, deep scarlet of newly dyed wool in the souks of Fez to the cool green shade of the cypress forests around Ifrane! The colours seem brighter and more vibrant. The tang of orange blossom on a city street, and the sensuous smells of leather and sandalwood present in the markets of Marrakech. The pungent aromas of cumin and coriander and the whiff of incense wafting from a Medina doorway! Are scents more rich and mysterious than anything else you might experience back home.

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    Marrakech, Jemaa el fna
    Marrakech, Jemaa el fna

    Where is Morocco located?

    Morocco is located in relation to Spain, Although a mere 20km (12 miles) separate the Spanish and Moroccan coasts. As soon as you set foot in Morocco you know, and feel you have left Europe far behind.

    Where is morocco located in Africa?

    The kingdom of Morocco is located at the northwestern corner of the African continent, facing Europe across the narrow Strait of Gibraltar. It stretches for roughly 2,000km (1,240 miles) from the Mediterranean coast at Tangier to the sands of the Sahara at Laayoune. Most of the country is occupied by the Atlas Mountains, which run southwest from the Algerian border to the Atlantic coast, isolating the coastal plain from the rest of Africa. Its physical isolation is one reason why Morocco was the only part of North Africa to remain uncolonized until the 20th century.

    Morocco landscape

    Where is Morocco Located?
    Where is Morocco Locahaouented? Landscape of Chefc

    This is a land of tremendous variety. The jagged limestone peaks of the Rif Mountains to the southeast of Tangier in Morocco! Give way to the cultivated coastal plains that lie between Rabat and Casablanca and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. These mountains are rugged, but lack any really spectacular peaks, forming instead a series of long ridges. Reaching a height of 4,167m (13,670ft) in Djébel Toubkal, which is the highest point in North Africa.


    South of the Atlas, the landscape is dry and desolate, as befits the fringes of the Sahara Desert of Morocco but enlivened with colourful rock outcrops, and the green splashes of date palm oases.)


     BY AIR:

    Scheduled flights

    Flight From UK to Morocco
    Flight From UK to Morocco

    From the UK and Ireland: Because Morocco is located near Europe, The national airline, Royal Air Maroc, offers daily flights from London Heathrow to Casablanca, Agadir, Marrakech and Tangier; with connecting services to Fès, Ouarzazate, Tetouan and many other places. For details, British Airways flies daily from Heathrow to Casablanca, once a week to Tangier and Agadir, and twice weekly from Gatwick to Marrakech. There are no direct flights from Dublin; you will have to transit via London or Paris. From the USA and Canada: Royal Air Maroc has direct flights from New York and Montreal to Casablanca (twice a week in winter, three times in summer). Alternatively, you can fly to Morocco via London, Paris, Amsterdam or Madrid on a daily basis.

    Charter flights and package tours

    From the UK and Republic of Ireland: Charter flights are available from Manchester, Gatwick and Dublin to Agadir, and from Gatwick to Tangier. Most travel companies offer two-centre holidays or adventure holidays: options include safaris, hot-air ballooning, trekking, mountain-biking and ski-mountaineering.


    BY ROAD:

    In the previous paragraphs you saw where is Morocco located? Now we will show you how to get to Morocco by Road from Europe.

    The Road from Spain to Morocco
    The Road from Spain to Morocco

    From the UK, the main route from the French ferry ports runs south to Bordeaux and into Spain at Irun, west of the Pyrenees, then on to San Sebastian and Burgos. From there, you take the N-1 to Madrid and the N-IV to Bailén, continuing on the N-IV southwest to Cordoba then south again to Málaga, and west along the coast to the ferry at Algeciras. Allow three to four days of steady driving.

    Driving time can be cut by using the car-ferry service from Plymouth to Santander in northern Spain (a 24-hour trip). From Santander, follow the N-623 to Burgos and proceed as described above.



    BY RAIL:

    There is a direct rail service to Algeciras from Paris. Allow about two days for the full journey from London to Tangier.

    The Inter-Rail Card, which permits 30 days of unlimited rail travel in participating European countries to people under 26, is valid for entitles the holder to a 30% discount on the Algeciras-Tangier ferry.

    BY SEA:

    How to get to Morocco from Spain?

    Ferry from Spain to Morocco
    car ferry crossings from Spain to Morocco

    The main ferry port for Morocco is Algeciras in Spain, a half-hour bus trip from Gibraltar. From here, car and passenger ferries make around six crossings a day to Tangier (2 hours 30 minutes), and about 12 a day to Ceuta (1 hour 30 minutes). There are longer and less frequent car ferry crossings from Sète in France, and Almeria and Malaga in Spain, to Melilla in Morocco. Tickets for cars should be reserved well in advance.

    For foot passengers only, there are also hydrofoil services on these routes, with faster crossing times of 1 hour to Tangier and 30 minutes to Ceuta, but they do not run in heavy weather.


    This is a post about where is Morocco located? If you need more information, tips or suggestion about your travel to Morocco! Please feel free to drop me a message in the comments below!


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