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    Morocco Weather in December | Climate, Temperatures, and Travel Tips.

    Weather in December in marvelous Morocco is a refreshing time. It ain’t as sweltering as in the summertime — savor the soothing ambiance, marvel at the changing hues of the landscapes, and indulge in one-of-a-kind festivities.


    Weather and What to Expect in December in Morocco

    As December unfolds, Kingdom dons a cooler but still pleasant climate. With more rain than summer, the weather in Morocco remains quite amiable, akin to a comfortable autumn elsewhere. If your journey takes you to the Atlas Mountains, brace yourself for winter weather at higher altitudes – where else can you ride camels in the Sahara desert one day and go skiing the next? Marrakech, boasting an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius with plenty of sunshine, welcomes visitors with open arms. Even in the heart of winter, Morocco’s warm sun will envelop you, making chilly days feel cozy and inviting.

    Chillin’ in Morocco During December

    Visit Morocco in December, and you’ll experience a mild winter, folks! The Morocco weather in December is quite unique as it ain’t freezing, and it ain’t scorchin’ hot either — just the perfect balance!

    A single day can whisk you from balmy beaches in Morocco to snow-dusted mountains, especially in majestic Marrakech where the weather in December hovers gracefully around a pleasant mid-teen Celsius. Imagine whirling dervishes of snow alongside a Sahara sunrise: that’s the beauty of winter travel in Morocco. Mother Nature can be a bit unpredicted so throw in a cozy jumper in your travel bag.


    Riding the Wave at Morocco’s December Beaches

    Morocco’s miles of coastline mean you’re never too far from a beach. Even in the heart of winter, some beaches still have a spring-like feel. Lay back at spots like Essaouira and Agadir, known for their milder temperatures and gentle waves.

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    Desert Dreamin’ in December

    Ever wondered what’s it like taking a Morocco desert tour in December? It’s like walking on an alien planet, where the Saharan landscape takes center stage. Remember to pack warm clothes, though — that desert can sure get chilly when the sun dips down!

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    Dressing the Part: What to Wear

    Packing for Morocco in December calls for a blend of autumn comfort and layered elegance. From pants and sweaters to heavier fabrics and stylish scarves, striking the balance between warmth and style is key. The North African sun can still pack a punch, so layering offers flexibility as temperatures fluctuate in December. Remember, Morocco is a cold country with a warm sun – prepare for cooler nights and accommodations sans central heat. As you traverse mountains or venture into the desert, a waterproof jacket, warm socks, and thermal underwear are your allies, ensuring comfort no matter where the journey leads.


    What’s Cookin’ in Morocco this December

    Get ready to bust out the party hats, cause December is a vibrant month for Morocco’s holiday festivals! From religious holidays to local souk festivals, there’s never a dull moment ’round here. Be prepared to dive into a world of color, enchanting music, and lively folklore tales.

    Zoomin’ Through Morocco: Winter Travel Tips

    December makes for a pretty sweeeet time to explore Morocco. The average holidaymaker count drops, giving you a chance to savor the culture without the crowds. Dress in layers, so you’re ready to roll no matter the thermometer reading.

    So, Come on down, guys! Morocco’s diversity, charm, and most importantly, its friendliness, make it a globally cherished winter destination.

    Remember, the Morocco weather in December might be a bit chillier than expected, but that’s nothing a warm Moroccan mint tea by a roaring fire can’t fix!

    Marrakech Moods in December

    Marrakech in December
    Marrakech in December

    Speaking of Marrakech weather in December folks, the days are lovely and balmy, while the nights might give you a bit of a shiver. Picture quaint streets saturated with joy and vibrancy, under temperatures that make every stroll pleasurable.


    Want some oh-so-refreshing scenes? Marrakech boasts beautiful green gardens like Jardin Majorelle and Menara. Palatial grandeur more your style? Well, Bahia Palace and Koutoubia Mosque await you! With milder crowds, December’s the ideal time to savor the city’s timeless beauty.

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    The Moroccan Melting Pot of Fun Activities

    Ever tried your hand at camel trekking, try a hot air balloon, or sandboarding? In Morocco, in December, these experiences rise to a whole new level.


    Explore the maze-like streets of ancient medinas, hike through foothills of the Atlas Mountains, or haggle your heart out at a Marrakech market. Morocco’s atmospheric towns, stunning landscapes, and unique activities offer a holiday like no other.

    Foodie Fever in Winter

    December in Morocco without a culinary journey? Can’t imagine that, can ya? Feast on winter specialties like Harira soup and the famous Pastilla, a sweet and savory delicacy. Sample sweets such as Chebakia, which locals enjoy particularly during the festive period of the month. And you can’t leave before sipping Morocco’s iconic mint tea.

    With delightful cuisine, temperate coastal spots, festive vibes, Moroccan travels in December will be an enriched experience peppered with adventure, relaxation, and joy! Stay warm, stay adventurous and remember, there’s no such thing as bad Morocco weather in December if you’re well prepared! Dive-in to embrace the experience rather than just passively observing it. Bon voyage, folks!

    Cultural Kaleidoscope in December

    Rejoice, history buffs, Morocco, in December is your transfixing time travel ticket! A medley of cultures – Berber, Arab, French, and Spanish – constructs a compelling tale. An enticing blend of tradition and modernity, Moroccans celebrate their culture with grandeur during December.


    Stroll through the magical blue-hued city streets of Chefchaouen or wander around the historical ruins of Volubilis. Immerse yourself into the mesmerizing beauty of the Tetouan Medina. Monuments cloaked in history, vibrant markets buzzing with life, there’s never a dear moment during December in this enchanting country.

    Shop Till You Drop in Moroccan Souks

    Moroccan markets or ‘souks’ stand out as among the globe’s most exciting shopping experiences, and in December, they adopt an even more vibrant persona.

    Dive into the chaotic beauty of Moroccan souks, where you can haggle for handicrafts, Berber carpets, spices, and Argan oil. Marrakech’s famous Jemaa el-Fnaa souk becomes a pulsating heart of activity during winter nighttime, offering a sensory carnival like no other.

    Music to Your Ears: Moroccan Festivals and Gigs

    Nobody does festivals like Moroccans, so tying your visit with Moroccan holiday festivals in December guarantees an unforgettable experience.


    Watch as towns and cities come alive with parades, musical performances, and age-old traditional customs in December. Play witness to the ecstatic whirling of Sufi dances or soak in the spiritual tunes of mesmerizing Gnawa music nights– unforgettable moments are assured!

    The weather may be cold, but the Morocco weather December scene is all warm hearts, blazing bonfires, and cozy stays! So dear globe-trotter, pack your bags for an unparalleled December getaway that’s all things Morocco– invigorating, vibey, and utterly extraordinary!

    FAQs: Kickin’ it in December

    What’s the weather and the average temperature in Morocco in December?

    It’s mild, folks, and varies between balmy coastal areas and cooler inland regions. The temperatures usually hover around mid-teens Celsius.

    How should I pack for a Morocco trip in December?

    Pack smart, travelers! Go for layers – light clothes for day, warm attire for evening and night. Don’t forget a sturdy pair of shoes for your desert and mountain adventures!

    Any festivals or events in December in Morocco?

    Absolutely! December welcomes a plethora of vibrant local festivals and holiday feasts. Get ready for a cultural immersion unlike any other!

    Best places to visit in Morocco in December?

    Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira, and Chefchaouen top the list, but don’t forget the Sahara Desert for an adventurous turn!

    Is December good for outdoor activities in Morocco?

    You betcha! Desert tours, mountain treks, camel rides – they’re all fantastic in December.

    Weather difference between coastal/inland areas in December in Morocco?

    Coastal regions like Agadir and Essaouira remain relatively warm, while inland areas, especially at night, can get quite chilly. Bundle up!

    Rainy season in Morocco in December like what?

    December can see occasional rainfall, especially in northern regions. A raincoat or umbrella is a smart pack.

    Can I swim in the ocean in Morocco in December?

    The Atlantic’s a smidge cool in December, but if you love chilly swims, go for it!

    Daylight hours in December?

    Expect around ten hours a day – plenty of it to explore Morocco’s beauty!

    Traveling to Morocco with children in December: Any tips?

    Sure thing! Ensure to pack warm clothes, and look for kid-friendly activities – camel rides, pottery classes, and beach fun are excellent choices.


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