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    10 Days in Morocco Itinerary from Fes To Marrakech | Ultimate Guide

    Imagine a thrilling 10 days in Morocco itinerary starting in Fes, where ancient streets and beautiful medinas await. Explore historic sites, then head to the magical city of Marrakech.


    In Fes, soak up the culture and delve into the heart of Morocco’s heritage. Wander through markets and discover hidden gems in the old city. Then, hop over to Marrakech, a vibrant mix of colors, bustling markets, and fascinating history.

    The journey between these cities is a feast for the senses. Witness stunning landscapes, from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert. Trek through villages, ride camels and sleep under the stars in the desert.

    This 10 days in Morocco itinerary Fes to Marrakech adventure is a blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that’ll stay with you long after the journey ends!


    Highlights of a 10 Days in Morocco Itinerary from Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour: 

    • Explore Morocco’s Essence: From Fes to Marrakech, this journey weaves together history, nature, and culture, a captivating experience that truly defines Morocco.
    • Desert Dreams Unfold: Imagine camel treks, golden dunes, and the rhythmic beats of Gnaoua music during sunrise and sunset, an unforgettable dreamlike adventure.
    • Gorge Grandeur: Towering cliffs, charming Berber villages, and the sweetness of dates, discover the wonders of geological marvels waiting to be explored.
    • Timeless Treasures: Hear the echoes of Rissani, immerse yourself in the stories of Kasbah Amridil, and succumb to the cinematic allure of Ait Ben Haddou, a journey through captivating history.
    • Embrace Local Life: Engage in nomadic encounters, explore lively markets, and sway to the rhythm of Gnaoua music, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Morocco.
    • Nature’s Majesty: Discover ancient fossils, witness the awe-inspiring Todra Canyons with their narrow passages and towering walls, nature’s wonders await your exploration.
    • Scenic Serenity: Marvel at the vistas of the Atlas Mountains, find tranquility in oases along the enchanting “Road of 1001 Kasbahs”—a scenic route that captivates.
    • Flavors of Morocco: Indulge in the sweetness of dates, savor starlit dinners under the captivating desert sky, an unforgettable culinary journey.
    • Coastal Haven: Essaouira, where the whispers of ancient Medina streets blend with the timeless symphony of the Atlantic, creating a canvas of bohemian serenity along Morocco’s windswept coast.

    Morocco Itinerary 10 Days Desert Tour From Fes to Marrakech.

    Day 1: Arrival in Fes

    Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a private driver and whisked away to your Hotel or traditional riad in Fez nestled in the heart of the Ancient Medina. An evening of relaxation and a delightful dinner await, marking the beginning of this enchanting Moroccan adventure.

    Day 2: Discovering Fes

    Following a hearty breakfast, guests set off to explore the ancient city of Fes. They navigate through historic alleys and streets, visiting landmarks such as the Royal Palace gate, the Jewish quarter, and the esteemed Al Qaraouine University—the world’s oldest mosque. A visit to the Tanneries and Mulay Idriss mausoleum enriches the day, capped off with a panoramic view of the Medina from a tiles cooperative before returning to the riad for a flavorsome dinner.

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    Day 3: Journey from Fes to Merzouga via Ifrane & Midelt

    The day begins with a scenic drive through the Middle Atlas mountains, passing through Ifrane and Azrou, renowned for its woodworking crafts. Guests traverse the Ziz valley with its lush palm trees, making their way to Erfoud and eventually reaching the stunning sand dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga. An evening of dinner and rest awaits at a comfortable hotel.


    Day 4: Immersion in Erg Chebbi & Rissani

    Continuing the adventure, guests delve deeper into the landscape of Erg Chebbi, encountering nomadic Berber people and absorbing the serene ambiance of Khamlia village. An exploration of the high sand dunes concludes with a captivating camel trek and the breathtaking spectacle of a desert sunset. The night is spent in a Berber camp, relishing the tranquility amidst the sand and stars.

    Day 5: From Merzouga to Dades Gorges via Rissani & Todra Gorges

    An early morning treat awaits as guests witness the sunrise over Erg Chebbi’s dunes while riding camels. The journey proceeds to the Todgha Gorges in the High Atlas Mountains, followed by a scenic drive through the Dades Valley where guests will spend the night, capturing panoramic views.

    Day 6: From Dades Gorge to Ouarzazate via Kelaa M’gouna

    The day unfolds with a visit to the mesmerizing Dades Gorge and the Tamnalt Hills’ fascinating rock formations. En route to Ouarzazate, guests explore the Valley of the Roses, known for its rose cooperatives, and encounter the legendary “Road of one Thousand Kasbahs.” An evening in Ouarzazate includes dinner and relaxation.

    Day 7: Ouarzazate to Marrakech via Aït Benhaddou

    Departing for Marrakech, the journey includes stops at Kasbah Taourirt and the magnificent Ait Ben Haddou, a fortified village steeped in history and famed as a movie location. Crossing the Atlas Mountains through the Tizi-n-Tichka pass, guests arrive for an overnight stay in a Riad in Marrakech.


    Day 8: Exploring Marrakech

    A day dedicated to uncovering the wonders of Marrakech begins with visits to iconic sites like the Saadian tombs, Majorelle Gardens, and the Koutoubia Tower. Guests indulge in a traditional lunch near the bustling souks and market of Marrakech, followed by free time to explore the city’s diverse facets at their own pace.

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    Day 9: Marrakech to Essaouira Day Trip

    The penultimate day offers a day trip to Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast. Guests wander through its ocher-colored walls, explore local markets, visit an association producing argan oil, and savor a fresh fish lunch. The return journey to Marrakech ends the day’s explorations.

    Day 10: Departure from Marrakech

    On the final day, guests savor a leisurely breakfast at the hotel in Marrakech before being chauffeured to Marrakech airport, bidding farewell to an unforgettable 10 days Moroccan itinerary from Fes to Marrakech desert tour.


    Wrapping up a 10 days in Morocco itinerary through the desert of Morocco, from the ancient alleys of Fes to the vibrant streets of Marrakech! Is like closing a captivating storybook. Each day was a new chapter, filled with history, landscapes that took our breath away, and moments etched into memory.

    The adventure took us from the maze-like medinas of Fes, where every corner whispered tales of the past, to the vastness of the Sahara Desert, where the starry nights and golden dunes felt like a dream.

    Exploring Marrakech’s bustling energy was a whirlwind of sights, sounds, and colors. The city’s palaces, markets, and gardens showcased Morocco’s rich heritage and vibrant culture.

    Every stop on this journey, from the ancient ruins to the bustling squares, unfolded a different facet of Morocco’s beauty. As the adventure concludes, it leaves us with a tapestry of experiences, a deeper understanding of Moroccan life, and a collection of moments we’ll cherish forever.



    But do note, this info may be subject to change. Always confirm with your tour operator before turning your travel dreams into reality.

    Happy Travels!


    What are the must-visit places in Morocco for a 10-day trip itinerary?

    Oh, you’re in for a treat! Definitely make a stop in Fes for its historic charm, then head over to Marrakech for its bustling markets and vibrant vibe. Don’t miss out on the stunning Atlas Mountains and the cultural gem, Essaouira by the coast!

    What are the recommended accommodations for this 10-day Morocco trips?

    There are so many cool options! If you’re up for an authentic experience, try staying in a riad in Marrakech or Fes. You’ll find cozy guesthouses nestled in the Atlas Mountains and some lovely beachfront spots in Essaouira.

    Are there specific cultural etiquettes to follow in Morocco?

    Absolutely! Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious places. Oh, and it’s super polite to ask before snapping someone’s pic. When greeting, use “Salam” and definitely accept a cup of mint tea—it’s a friendly gesture!

    What activities and experiences shouldn’t be missed in 10 days in Morocco?

    So much to do! Dive into the lively souks, take a cooking class to nail Moroccan cuisine, ride a camel (seriously, it’s a blast!), and treat yourself to a traditional hammam experience. You won’t regret it!


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