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    Moroccan Airports | Scoring Major Airplay by 25 Million

    Buckle up, friends! Moroccan airports are scoring major airplay with nearly a quarter hundred million spirits floating through their gates in just shy of a dozen months this year. That’s a pretty neat hop of over a teensy bit seven (7%) percent from four years ago, and wham—a whopping near third plus a bit more (+34%) bump from just last year.


    Check out how this squad of Moroccan airports is landing on the scoreboard:

    • Tetouan’s tarmac is on fire, boasting over five hundred percent more (+506%) folks milling around.
    • Essaouira‘s not far behind (+54%), swinging in with a little over half a century percent uptick.
    • Tangier (+54%), you beauty, roping in over two-fifths more passengers.
    • Nador (+34%) and Oujda (+33%) are neck and neck, pulling in one-third more sun-seekers and adventurers.

    Talking about heavy hitters, Fes-Saïss (22%) and Agadir (13%) ain’t playing it small either. Picture their counters ticking up by about a fifth and a slice more than a tenth, respectively.

    Let’s spill the tea on why everyone’s jetting to Morocco, shall we? Well, it’s the comeback story of flight paths springing back like a pop tune’s chorus post the whole COVID-19 intermission. Plus, we’ve got brand spanking new routes jazzing up the skies, totally elevating the travel game.


    Casablanca Airport? Oh, Mohammed V International Airport is nearly all the way back to its pre-pandemic glory, almost hitting the reset button with nine mil folks giving it the nod in just under a year and achieve 95% recovery rate.

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    International air travel

    And let’s not keep it on the DL, but international air travel is scoring big-time—with a respectable ten percent bump from four autumns ago, and trust me, it’s whopping with a thirty-five percent jump from the year before.

    • Europe (34%), you’re a rockstar, drawing in over eighteen mil travelers—a fourteen percent leap from four cycles previous and that same hefty thirty-four percent from the year before.
    • North America (17%) and Africa (17%) are in on this too, upping their game with middle teens and a bit over half a dozen percent growth.

    November? It was lit—a six percent climb from four years back and (10%) heartier compared to last year. And if you’re all about the facts, Moroccan airports gates said “Ahlan wa sahlan” to two and a smidge million passengers then.


    Sneak Peek: Ryanair’s unveiling a whopping investment in Morocco for the summer four years hence—which means packing your bags is bound to get tempting!

    So yeah, it’s no wonder that with the ONMT playing matchmaker with airlines, and popping out new routes like hit singles, Morocco’s tourism scene is riding that high. It’s snagged its spot as a must-visit spot on the globe, flexing its travel muscles like it’s nobody’s business!

    Tourism in Morocco is King:

    Thanks to all these globetrotters touching down, Morocco’s tourism sector is smiling all the way to the bank. It’s like a big, never-ending party where everyone’s invited.

    • The Sky’s the Limit: This isn’t just a one-time thing. The forecast says the trend’s only gonna keep soaring. We’re expecting even more travel aficionados to swing by and say “Salam!”

    So there you have it—Morocco’s in the middle of a total tourism renaissance. Moroccan Airports are bustling, people are loving it, and the vibe? Absolutely electric. Get your bags packed because this bandwagon’s one you won’t want to miss!


    Take It From Me: On your mark, get set, go visit Morocco! Adventure awaits, and trust me, it’s an Instagram story just waiting to happen. ✈️

    If you’re not thinking of Morocco for your next vacation, you might wanna recheck your travel playlist. This country’s got its groove back, and the numbers? They’re singing.


    What are the busiest airports in Morocco?

    Oh, you’d love the vibe at these spots! The busiest joints? For sure, Casablanca’s Mohammed V International takes the crown. It’s the king of the hustle. Then you’ve got Marrakesh Menara – total magnet for travelers and a gateway to the stars. Don’t sleep on Agadir Al-Massira either; it’s where the cool breeze meets airplane landings.

    How has air traffic changed in Moroccan airports?

    Listen, it’s been a wild ride! Air traffic in Morocco’s gotten a whole new lease on life. We’re talking big comeback energy, especially after the whole world hit a pause button. It’s like everyone rediscovered their love for tagines and kasbahs all at once, and the number of planes slicing through the Moroccan skies? It’s on the up and up.

    What factors contribute to the increased airplay in Moroccan airports?

    Ah, it’s the perfect storm, in a good way. First off, the skies are friendlier post-pandemic, right? Flights are back with a vengeance. Then Morocco went and rolled out the red carpet with new routes, which travelers just ate up. Plus, throw some tempting travel deals and Morocco’s timeless charm into the mix, and bam—you’ve got a surge in airport action.

    How does this affect the tourism industry in Morocco?

    Well, it’s like a tidal wave of good stuff for the tourism biz. More folks flocking in means the local economy’s singing. Imagine all the market vendors, tour guides, and cozy riad owners with their hands full (and cash registers pinging). It’s not just a win; it’s a whole level-up for Morocco’s rep as a travel hotspot.


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