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    Best Hotels in Fez Morocco | Special Place To Stay in Fez

    Morocco is an amazing destination in the world, and the city of Fez is the ideal place to explore the real history and culture of Morocco after a great experience in the Sahara desert! To stay safely here are the best hotels & Riads in Fez Morocco, chosen by Morocco Travel Way! “including luxury hotels, authentic Riads, guest houses”.


    Fez, the intellectual, cultural and religious centre of the kingdom, hides, in its medina, the real palaces of Morocco and the historical base of the old aristocracy. The buildings are higher, richer, and far more expensive to maintain, the renewal of the glories of Fez comes at a price, partly covered by the visitor. Fez-lovers feel that the magnificence and refinement of these old palaces amply justify that price.

    Hotel Sofitel Palais Jamaï, the best hotels in fez morocco

    The Sofitel Jamaï Palace belongs to the universe of those mythical hotels where dreams become reality. Built in the XIXth century in a pure Arabo-Moorish architecture, this Grand Vizir mansion was transformed in a luxurious palace in 1930 and has since then hosted all prestigious guests. Dominating medina and its marvelous Andalusian gardens, Sofitel Palais Jamaï enwrapes its guests in an atmosphere of luxury and delight, perfect symbiosis of modern comfort and traditional architecture! The bar with its panoramic view and the three restaurants welcome you for a delicious traditional moroccan foods! Le Spa, a privileged environment dedicated to quietness, beauty and well-being.

    • 123 Deluxe rooms from 2.725 to 3.490 MAD.
    • 18 Deluxe Suites from 6.540 to 14.390 MAD.
    • 1 Royal Suites at 21.800 MAD.
    • Breakfast at 190 MAD/person

    La Maison Bleue “guest house”

    If the rest of Fez vanished, this house, the city’s first and best hotels & riad “guest house” in Fez Morocco, would bear witness to the glory of her great families; the proud vision of her architect refinement of her craftsmen, the learning of her intellectuals, and the taste of her women. The whole place, including the amazing antique bathroom romantic journey back to the 19th century. It is steeped in Moroccan history owner willingly tells tales of his childhood here. Your big four-poster suite beautifully, richly furnished with massive antiques and voluptuous damasks as the rest, the patio is shared with one of the most renowned restaurants in town, a place for true gourmets. Three suites have private terraces, the panoramic roof terrace plunges into the heart of historic Karouiyne University; and the breakfast pancakes are divine.


    Rooms: 9:4 doubles, 5 suites.

    Price: 1,800 to 2,800MAD.

    Meals: Lunch/dinner: gastronomic menu 380MAD, or à la carte. By arrangement for non-residents.

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: Near Bab Boujloud, on central square Place de l’Istiqlal, Batha district.

    Address: 2 Place de l’Istiqlal, Batha, Fès-Medina. 

    Dar El Ghalia, special place to stay in Morocco

    Owner receives with the relaxed ease of the heir to a great Fassi family whose art, culture and traditions meet in their old palace. It also houses Dar Tajine, one of the best restaurants in town and Owner’s first idea for his family house: he is a busy, interesting man. The dark narrow hall, rich in mosaics and promise, projects you into the light of an enormous patio where an intricate old floor carries columns! Eclectic European and Moroccan furniture, antique silk kaftans and clocks, and luxurious salons open their hand-painted doors to more cushions, carvings and etched brass. In bedrooms and suites, some fit for royalty, some pretty modest, all with CD and radio set! Beneath arches and hangings or rich quilts, is a splendid mix of 19th-century European beds, carved armoires, elegant daybeds and Moroccan paintings. You may find a fireplace or a mezzanine, a jacuzzi or a four-poster, and always a beautiful bathroom. In this display of authentic and traditional Moroccan decorative arts, the poised and helpful staff are perfect. Lift to all floors. Solarium and gym on terrace.

    Rooms: 13: 4 doubles, 8 suites for 2-3, 1 Royal Suite.


    Price: 1,300 to 2,800 MAD.. Suites 2,800 to 5,700MAD.

    Meals: Lunch 220 MAD, Dinner 350 MAD, or à la carte. By arrangement

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: From Bab Jdid (south-west gate),follow signs.

    Address: 13-15 Ross Rhi, Ras Jnane, Fès-Medina.

    Riad Fès, the best hotel in Fez Morocco

    The stupefying great brass lamp suspended above the patio sets the scene for this best hotels & Riads in Fez Morocco; fountains and palm trees, plasterwork and myriad mosaics. Moroccan velvet divans and 1930s armchairs in neat corners testify to your architect host’s knowledge of Morocco’s arts and his taste for accuracy. It is the Moroccan-minimalist child of the marriage of 14th-century Andalucian designs to ideas brought by Fassis from Europe 130 years ago. Bedrooms are seriously big, solidly luxurious (hand-embroidered quilts, handsome antiques); the Royal Suite reaches summits of uncluttered splendor over a vast bed; smaller rooms (still big) harbour such treasures as an ancient carved bed head; there’s a private terrace here, a split level there, quirks of all sorts; each bathroom is a copper-tinted work of art. And now Riad Fès is expanding to create more rooms round a fairytale Alhambra-style patio where water and fire will vie for supremacy when night falls. It’s expensive, but what a treat! The gastronomic restaurant is the final flourish. Office services and lift to all floors.

    Rooms: 20: 9 doubles, 10 suites, 1 Royal Suite..

    Price: 1,700 to 3,000 MAD. Royal Suite 6,000 MAD.

    Meals: Lunch/dinner 260-380 MAD (non-residents: 42-500 MAD).

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: From Place Sidi El Khayat, Batha district, telephone for escort to house.

    Address: 5 Derb Ben Slimane, Zerbtana, Fès-Medina.

    Riad La Maison Bleue

    Same name, same family, different feel from the original Maison Bleue: more intimate, despite having more rooms. The little pool is a blessing in summer, the tree-shaded salons are perfect for a quiet read, the marble hammam breathes thyme-scented air. In the roof-top dining room, family cooking is served in proper style by candlelight before the floodlit medina; or treat yourself to the Maison Bleue experience, five minutes away. The suites have romantic gauze and striking dark quilts, good paintings and handsome old carpets, some superb 19th-century Spanish four-posters and Venetian mirrors, a wealth of Portuguese, English and French antiques. Fez was ever open to other influences and fashions, though gun slits were built into the outer walls to try and keep the French out. Well modernised bathrooms have lovely zelliges and burnished copper basins. And this civilised house is expanding to tempt you even more: spa, fitness, wifi….


    Rooms:  13: 2 doubles, 11 suites.

    Price: 1,900 to 2,800 MAD.

    Meals:  Lunch/dinner 380 MAD.

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: From Aïn Azliten car park (guarded), telephone for escort.

    Address: 33 Derb El Miter, Talaâ El Kbira – Aïn Azliten, Fès-Medina.

    Ryad Mabrouka

    The walk up to the end of the alley at the top of the medina is worth every minute: in this tall secluded house you are shielded from the souk bustle below the emerald pool reflects the old citrus trees of luxuriant garden, peace reigns. The house is the best hotel & riad in fez and Morocco and the authentic one: white pillared patio, mosaics, antique doors, intricate stucco and carved ceilings to cap it all. There’s a luminous veranda for tea at sunset when the medina catches fire; a terrace where soft divans in low slung tents invite you to be orientally lazy; attractive, muted bedrooms, some on two levels, where an eclectic mixture of French and Moroccan antiques and pictures give a style and charm all their own; harmonies of brown and palest yellow, a flash of zebra, silks, wools and embroidery. Great bathrooms, too. owner’s love of Morocco informs the whole house, including the morning music; his books and advice are ever available, his charm and easy manner make this one of the most restful places to stay in the country and his staff are, naturally, perfect.

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    Rooms: 8: 2 doubles, 5 suites for 2, 1 suite for 3.

    Price: 900 to 2,000 MAD. Extra bed 350 MAD.

    Meals: Dinner 250 MAD. By arrangement.

    Closed: Never.  

    Directions: From Bab Bou Jeloud walk downTalaâ Kabira 300m to Aïn Azliten car park, cross car park into lane leading up hill. By car, reach Aïn Azliten car park from Borj Nord then walk up lane.

    Address: 25 Derb El Miter, Talaâ Kbira, Fès-Medina

    Riad L’Arabesque

    It’s wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling furniture and fabrics but never overpowering rich but not grand, a feast for the senses, eyes, nose, fingers, and a totally Moroccan experience for those who don’t need constant minimalism or dustless sterility. Dinner in the jungly candlelit patio garden at one of the best tables in town feels like a fairytale with a sweet singer and lute player to charm the air. Sumptuous is the word for the Fassi salons, the house bristles with precious things in carved wood, etched brass, embroidered silks, a grand piano if you care to perform! But the bowls of fruit and the wonderful staff make you feel totally at home. Deep in the tangle of corridors and corners, bedrooms are all different, be it draped beds made with embroidered linen or antique iron with sabra silk! All standing on original mosaic floors, all, surprisingly, with synthetic blankets. And the bathrooms have antique porcelain basins and brass fittings make this Riad the best hotel in fez Morocco.

    Rooms: 7 suites for 2-4.

    Price:  1,400 to 3,500MAD; 3 nights 900 to 1,500MAD per night; incl. soft drinks, airport transfers, guided tour.


    Meals: Lunch/dinner 350 MAD. By arrangement.

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: Telephone from Palais Jamai car park for escort to hotel.

    Address: 20 Derb El Miter, Bab Guissa – Zenjefour, Fès-Medina.

    Riad Dar Seffarine

    A poem of a palace, a simple, soaring, labyrinthine poem that needs only itself to tell the story of this ancient religious quarter. No-one knows its age nor the reason for all those outside windows, so unusual here, but the light filters in past dungeon-thick walls and delicate iron grilles! Down from the 32-metre terrace to show off clustered columns, great hand-painted doors and shutters, fabulous zellige floors, some exceptional painted cedar ceilings, acres of white space, and an absolute minimum of added decoration. It’s a vast project undertaken with tender loving care. To preserve the living shapes and details of the house they have made neat, discreet bathrooms, put in low white-quilted beds, a chest and a hanging rack per room and laid a few gentle Berber Moroccan rugs. Not a crumb of clutter, a guest kitchen on the glorious high wide terrace and good family dinners.

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    Rooms: 7:5 twins/doubles, 2 suites.

    Price: 600 to 1,400 MAD; 2,800 to 7,000 MAD per week.

    Meals:  Dinner 200 MAD. By arrangement.

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: Given on booking or telephone from Bab R’Cif for escort.

    Address: 14 Derb Sbaâ Louyati, Seffarine, Fès-Medina.


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