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    2 Days Tour Fez to Merzouga | Desert Adventure

    Welcome, adventurers! Buckle up as we map out an epic 2-day tour from Fez to Merzouga through the lens of stunning landscapes, captivating culture, and unforgettable experiences.


    Through this narrative, you’ll feel the allure of Morocco, opening up in front of you, painting a picture that not only sightseers will appreciate but one that will stir the souls of the most avid explorers.


    Ifrane: A Taste of Switzerland in Morocco

    • Discuss the unique architecture and vibe of Ifrane, drawing comparisons to a small Swiss town.

    The Sights and Tastes of Midelt

    • Enticing descriptions of the stunning landscapes blended with culinary delights in Midelt.

    Merzouga: The Surreal Desert Scenario

    Rise and Shine: A Morning in Merzouga

    • Narrate the enchanting experience of witnessing a desert sunrise.

    Rissani: A Blast from the Past

    • Dip into Rissani’s market and local culture.


    DAY 1 : Fez to Merzouga via  Ifrane, Midelt and Arfoud a Journey to Remember


    The 2-day tour from Fez to Merzouga commences with a prompt 8:00 a.m. pick-up from your accommodation. The expedition unfolds against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountain Range, with its magnificent slopes. This adventure starts with a picturesque drive through the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas and an immersion into the Berber way of life, passing several mountain villages.

    The route continues through charming locales like Ifrane, a ski resort, and Azrou, an artisan center renowned for its cedar woodwork. A stop in Midelt for lunch offers a unique view of a town nestled amidst the Middle and High Atlas Mountains. The voyage towards the desert then proceeds through Erfoud, leading to an enchanting camel trek into the splendid Erg Chebbi dunes.


    As the sun gracefully descends beyond the horizon, a camel ride guides you to the camp where an enchanting night awaits beneath a star-studded sky. The experience is heightened by a freshly prepared traditional Moroccan dinner. Post-dinner, you have the option to ascend the dunes, stargaze, or even partake in sandboarding – the desert epitomizes boundless freedom. For lodging, you can choose between a traditional Nomad tent made from camel hair or the openness beneath the celestial stars.

    Comping tante in Merzouga

    2nd Day return to Fez on same road


    The morning on the second day of the Fez to Merzouga tour promises a unique and unforgettable experience as you capture the sunrise over the dunes with your camera. Camels await you for the journey back to the hotel, where you can revel in a refreshing shower and enjoy an open-air breakfast with a panoramic view of the dunes. Following breakfast and a revitalizing shower, the tour continues towards Erfoud, renowned for its exceptional fossils.

    The route takes you along the Ziz River and through the Middle Atlas mountains, passing the vast cedar forests of Azrou and a pause to interact with the resident monkeys. The journey proceeds via Ifrane, often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Morocco,’ ultimately reaching Fez in the early evening, marking the conclusion of the 2-day Fes to Merzouga desert tour and its exceptional services.

    So, pack your bags and lace up your boots. This 2-day venture from Fez to Merzouga is more than just a trip; it’s an open window to the diverse landscapes, rich culture, and extraordinary people of Morocco. Hop aboard for an unforgettable voyage! Get ready to write your own travel story with us!



    Be aware that the information included in this article may be updated or altered. It is advisable to confirm the specifics with your travel agency prior to settling your travel Plan.

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    What is the best time to take a 2-day trip from Fez to Merzouga?

    Autumn and spring are usually the most favorable times to visit Merzouga due to moderate temperatures. Yet it’s worth noting, summers can get quite hot, and winters relatively cold, especially at night.

    How do I book a desert tour from Fez to Merzouga?

    Booking is as easy as pie! Just navigate to website tour company, select the 2-day tour from Fez to Merzouga, pick your dates, fill in your details, and voilà! You’re one step closer to your breathtaking desert adventure. You can also call or email customer service if you need any assistance.

    What is the cost of a 2-day trip to Merzouga from Fez?

    2-day trip from Fez to Merzouga starts at €100. This includes comfortable, air-conditioned transport, overnight stay in Merzouga, camel trekking experience, and not forgetting the delectable meals!

    What should I pack for a trip to Merzouga from Fez?

    Ah, packing. The essentials will be comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes (for those dunes!), sunscreen, a hat or scarf for shade, toiletries, and don’t forget your camera. For the chilly desert nights, pack some warm clothing too.

    Are there any luxury accommodations in Merzouga?

    Certainly! In Merzouga, options range from basic tented camps to luxurious desert resorts, providing an oasis of comfort in the middle of the desert.

    What activities can I do in Merzouga during the trip?

    Oh, there’s plenty to do! Camel trekking through the dunes is a must. You could also explore local Berber villages, sample traditional Moroccan cuisine, enjoy sandboarding, witness the captivating Saharan sunrise and sunset, or just marvel at the stunning scenery unfolding before your eyes. The desert is your playground!


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