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    Moroccan soups recipes

    Moroccan Soups Recipes | Lentil, Chick-pea, Kerouiya… Harira & More

    The national soup is called "harira". Throughout the 30 days of Ramadan, each household prepares this heady, perfumed soup which scents the narrow alleys at sunset. It is eaten with dates or honey cakes (griouche, and almond briouats). In this post we’ll provide the best Moroccan soups recipes: lentil harira, Chick-pea and kidney-bean soup, Kerouiya harira, Wheat dchicha soup…
    Moroccan Khlii (Klea)

    How To Prepare Moroccan Khlii “Khlea” & Popular Recipes | Full...

    khlii is used in Moroccan cooking. It is made from beef and can be kept for as long as 2 years. It is often used in everyday family meals. The following is the recipe for a small amount (about 4 or 5 jars) but in families in towns such as Marrakesh, Fez, etc., Moroccan Khlii is prepared once a year in great quantities - 100 kilos (221 lbs) and even more.
    Moroccan cooking class

    Moroccan cooking class | Things you must know before you start

    If you are a Moroccan cuisine lover, and you want to try a Moroccan cooking class! Here are the most essential things to consider and know before you start.
    Best hotels in Rabat Morocco

    The 05 Best Hotels In Rabat Morocco | Accommodation In Rabat

    Morocco is a fabulous country in the planet. And Rabat is the ideal place to explore the Hassan Tower and also Mohammed V mausoleum and start a great experience in Imperial city and Sahara desert! To stay safely in Morocco’s Capital here are Best hotels in Rabat Morocco, chosen by Morocco Travel Way!