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    The 6 Best Beach Resort in Morocco | Morocco Coastal Resorts

    Morocco, with coasts located along both the Mediterranean Sea and also the Atlantic ocean, is a place to several of the very best beach resorts in Morocco. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, honeymoon holiday, or the ideal getaway with family, Morocco has the best coastal resorts in Africa to enjoy!


    Popular Morocco hotels on the beach preferred by travelers and beach lovers are situated in Tangier, Tetouan, Casablanca, Essaouira, and Agadir… Each of these places flaunts several of the most stunning shorelines, as well as are best for swimming, relaxing, and water sports.

    Morocco additionally experiences relatively heats for the majority of the year, offering excellent atmosphere for the best beach holiday! To aid you discover the best vacation accommodation, below is a checklist of the best beach resorts in Morocco.

    Where Are The Best Luxury Beach Resorts in Morocco?

    In Morocco there are coastal resorts for all budgets, traveling style, and there are many options to please your budget and your travel needs… those Moroccan hotels on the beach are set up in the best beaches in Morocco “Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline”, From Saidia to Dakhla. Here are 6 amazing Morocco coastal resorts to choose from.


    Hotel le Mirage, Grottes d’Hercule, Tangier

    Ideally located on the cliff top, with spectacular Atlantic Ocean views and pristine sandy beaches, Le Mirage is undoubtedly bearing its name well. The natural beauty of its location combined with an elegant setting which includes 25 spacious residence houses, exotic Oriental influenced decor, amidst modern comforts, expansive outdoor terraces and manicured gardens. Le Mirage is one of the ultimate luxury beach resorts in Morocco. With abundant facilities to offer, one should head down to the fitness room, where guests are offering a sea facing view. Or simply try one of its exquisite Moroccan cuisines, or mouthwatering seafood menus such as Oven Baked Fish with crust of salt and a fine selection of wines.

    Rooms: 25 bungalow suites (double room & salon). Price: 1,380Dh-8,000Dh.

    Meals: Lunch/dinner 100Dh-500Dh.

    Closed: Never.

    Directions: From Tangier for Rabat & airport 9km; right for Grottes d’Hercule. Hotel on left at 1st r’bout.

    L’Amphitrite Palace Resort & SPA, Rabat

    Built on the site on an important and historic hotel frequented by world-class leaders. L’Amphitrite Palace Resort & Spa is located in Skhirat; an emergent city known for its excellent beaches and crystal clear Atlantic Ocean, only 20 minutes drive from the Capital Rabat and the famous Royal Golf Dar Essalam, and 45 minutes from Casablanca. This Morocco coastal resorts has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of Leisure & Business travelers. The 178 Rooms and Suites hotel have superb facilities including a 1,500 sq m Spa, private beach, 1 swimming pool, open-air Jacuzzi and immediate access to the International Conference Center Mohamed VI in a separate complex.

    • 144 Rooms from 4.000 to 5.500 Dhs
    • 12 Junior Suites at 6.500 Dhs
    • 13 Executive Suites at 10.000 Dhs
    • 8 Diplomatic Suites at 12.000 Dhs
    • Royal Villa at 50.000 Dhs
    • Breakfast included

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    Sofitel Thalassa Marina Smir Hotel

    Located in the heart of Marina Smir seaside resort, between the Rif mountains and a 3 Km white sandy beach. The prestigious “Sofitel Thalassa Marina Smir” is one of the most beautiful and best beach resorts located in Morocco on the Mediterranean border. It enwrappes its privileged guests in a refined atmosphere that prolongs itself in the 119 deluxe rooms and suites facing the sea. Haven of peace, it is however located nearby the Marina and its numerous sportive facilities to be practiced during high season. Pleasures of the palate are not to be forgotten in its 3 restaurants as the gastronomical restaurant the “Neptune”. Since 2002, a luxurious and modern Accor Thalassa Institute completes the facilities. It is dedicated to the pleasure and benefits of Moroccan hotels on the beach therapy.

    • 41 Standard and Thalasso Rooms from 1.400 to 2.600 Dhs
    • 65 Deluxe Rooms from 1.600 to 3.300 Dhs
    • 11 Junior Suites (4 Cadet Suites) from 2.500 to 5.000 Dhs
    • 1 Presidential and 1 Royal Suite from 5.000 to 10.000 Dhs
    • Breakfast from 140 to 190 Dhs/person

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    La Soultana Oualidia

    After La Sultana Marrakesh, here comes La Sultana Oualidia. While the two properties have their own specifications, they adopt the same style: refined luxury, high quality service and exclusivity. Poised on the edge of the ocean, in a lagoon of great ecological importance, the Sultana is best beach resorts in Morocco to discover a strong nature! Captivating but also appeasing in an exceptionally beautiful shrine where multiple architectural influences blur the frontier between dream and reality. Each Room or Suite is unique, prolonged by a private terrace and Jacuzzi, the most modern technology is discreet to enwrap you in a Zen and exclusive atmosphere, out of time. Restaurants and lounge overhanging the lagoon, overlapping swimming pool, spa… everything is conceived to exhale all senses and appease the mind.

    • 4 Deluxe prestige Rooms from 3.400 Dhs
    • 7 Suites from 3.900 Dhs
    • Breakfast included

    The Atlas Essaouira & SPA Hotel

    Essaouira, the mythical city renowned for its patrimony, welcomes the new Atlas Hospitality Hotel a stunning  Morocco coastal resorts. Located in front of the sea, the Atlas Essaouira & Spa invites you to a peaceful stay among its fountains and patios, in a wonderful setting mixing ethnic influences and contemporary trends. Moments of pure pleasure and relaxation are to be enjoyed at the Daniel Jouvance Spa in an atmosphere of serenity and well being. Rare and precious moments to be shared in a trendy and warm ambiance.

    • 68 Privileged Rooms at 2.000 Dhs
    • 27 Premium Rooms 2.200 Dhs
    • 54 Premium sea view Rooms at 2.500 Dhs
    • 6 Senior Suites at 3.500 Dhs
    • 1 Presidential Suite at 9.000 Dhs
    • Breakfast at 180 Dhs

    Royal Atlas Hotel, Agadir

    Ideally located in front of the sea, the sandy beach and some sumptuous gardens, nearby the most beautiful golf courses of the Kingdom, Royal Atlas is however one of best beach resorts in Morocco; Protected from the bustle of the Agadir city by an impressive façade refreshed by water cascades. The volumes, exceptional and so contemporary irradiate the light. Spacious and cozy, the 338 rooms and suites overhang the golden sand, the 1.800 square meter swimming pool as well as the immensity of the sea. A particular attention has been given to the richness of flavor and the exaltation of all senses. Restaurants and lounges bear their own identity. Decoration, materials, fabrics, design, gastronomy invite you to a journey through thousands and one flavors.

    • 218 Rooms
    • 70 Deluxe Rooms
    • 22 Ambassador Suites
    • 2 Royal Suites
    • Breakfast included

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