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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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    The blue city of Morocco, Chefchaouen "Chaouen"

    The blue city of Morocco “Chefchaouen” | Top guide for visiting...

    Chefchaouen “Chaouen” is an ideal spot to go on short trip in Morocco. Change of scenery and take shots and post them in Instagram,...
    Asilah Morocco

    Best things to do in Asilah Morocco in 2021

    Forty-five kilometers south of Tangiers along the road to Rabat there lies the amazing city of Asilah. Just somewhat off the principal road and fair on the shore, Asilah is almost the picture-postcard Ramparts & Medina, complete with a stunning kasbah, and superb beaches.
    Language in Morocco

    What language in morocco do they speak?

    The official language in Morocco is Arabic, although French, the legacy of the protectorate, is still widely used in the cities (much less so among rural Berbers). Morocco's close ties to France help to explain its continued importance in education, business, and the press.
    Best adventures in Morocco

    13 crazy adventures to have in Morocco

    Is just one of the innovative and exquisite locations on the planet, Morocco has crazy adventures and awesome activities to discover. From hot air ballon to ride camel in sand dune via blue city of Morocco "Chefchaouen"...
    Best things to see and do in Morocco

    Best Things to See and Do In Meknes, Morocco

    Meknes is one of Morocco's four great Imperial Cities. Generally considered to come third after Fes and Marrakech it is however the most important one to Muslims all over the world because of its proximity to the holy town of Moulay Idriss, harbouring the sanctuary of the founder of the Idrissid dynasty.
    About Morocco country

    Things to know about Morocco country

    known to the Arabs as " Al Maghreb al Aqsa", the farthest land of the setting sun; Morocco's dramatic landscape stretches from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the waves of the Saharan dunes.
    Berbers of Morocco

    Berbers of Morocco | Origin, history, culture, lifestyle…

    Who are the berber peoples of morocco? Here are interesting things to know about this friendly and welcoming people! Origin, history, culture, lifestyle..
    Best places to visit in morocco in 2021, AIT Ben HADDOU

    10 Best Places To Visit in Morocco in 2021

    Apart from some of the best places to visit in Morocco, the Kingdom also bring you to a culture and lifestyle. The four imperial cities, Rabat, Meknès, Fez, and Marrakech are despite their distinctive attractions of equal interest, but only if sufficient time is available should all four be attempted at a first visit. Second in importance to them would be a trip to the Deep South.
    Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

    15 Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

    Morocco is a huge country, extending over 2,000km (some 1,250 miles) from Tangier to the southern border with Mauritania. But fortunately for the visitor,...
    High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

    High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Africa | Where the Mountains are...

    Ever-present on the southern skyline of Marrakech is shimmering, and more often than not! Snow-capped peaks of the highest Atlas Mountains in Morocco and North Africa, The High Atlas. There are more than 300 peaks above 3,000 Meters; six of them exceed 4,000 Meters (13,000 feet).
    The Best Time to Visit Morocco

    When Is The Best Time To Visit Morocco? | Full Weather...

    From October to April, is the best time of year to visit morocco and makes it popular among visitors. Coastal Morocco enjoys year round mild conditions, although winter can bring cool, wet weather in the north. Winter days can be perfect in the south, though desert nights can be very cold.